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“Capgemini is an ocean of opportunities to learn and grow your career, your skills, and most importantly, yourself.”

– What does a future with Capgemini look like? It’s entirely up to you and how you want to craft it.  

According to Senior Application Consultant, Jay, Capgemini is an ocean of global opportunities with an abundance of autonomy. Despite living and working in Finland, Jay’s opportunities to grow his skills continue to expand through international projects beyond the Finnish borders.

In this story, Jay shares his experience of being part of Capgemini — from India to Finland.

Tell us about your role. What does your experience at Capgemini look like?

I am a Senior Application Consultant at Capgemini. I joined Capgemini India in 2015 and was there for two years. I went on to pursue other opportunities then returned to Capgemini in 2018.  I came back because I couldn’t find the same amount of flexibility and growth opportunities elsewhere. Shortly after, I had the chance to relocate to Capgemini Finland and that’s how I ended up here.  

It has been a great experience working at Capgemini, in general. The flexible working hours also reduce a lot of headaches! There is a lot of autonomy given to us which enables me to perform at my best, at a hundred percent. The quality of my work and my confidence have increased significantly over the years.

You mentioned that you left and rejoined. What made you continue to choose Capgemini?

Three things — freedom, growth, and work-life balance. 

At Capgemini, we are free to give our opinions and do what we believe is right. I enjoy that I can enhance my skills, roles, and responsibilities in whichever way I want. I also get to work very closely with both local and global clients.  

Then there’s work-life balance. It’s easy to manage my personal life and professional life because I get to decide how to use my own time.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?

All of the above. Capgemini is one of the biggest brands in the world. It’s a great place to enhance one’s skills and experience. More importantly, I feel proud that I’m being taken care of by my employer and I feel empowered by the management team. 

For example, the company had morale-boosting care packages sent to our homes when the restrictions were in place during the pandemic. When I was moving to Finland, Capgemini’s HR team took care of the entire relocation process for me from the start and helped me integrate into my new home when I arrived. My team lead at that time gave me tips about Finnish work culture which was very helpful!

What is your fondest memory of the projects you’ve worked on?

I get to work with different projects, both in and outside of Finland. My fondest one was a S/4HANA project with a global brand. It was exciting in terms of problem-solving. My knowledge and skills took a huge jump forward because I had the opportunity to work on the project from the ground up. I had to learn how to communicate efficiently, lead the project, and learn new technology. It was challenging but that challenge also came with lots of opportunities to grow.

Capgemini offers a lot of nurturing paths for the future. How are you working towards the future you want?

I’m increasing my SAP technical skills now. At the same time, I’m also preparing for a Java certification and learning other skills outside of my job scope. Capgemini has a SAP learning hub where I can get all the information I need for my certification processes.

There are a lot of learning materials, learning tools, and guidance available. And I have a lot of freedom to learn whenever and however I want to.

What does the future of consultancy work at Capgemini look like?

It’s looking very bright, exciting, interesting, and challenging in a good way. There are so many upcoming projects and opportunities to keep growing through those.

What’s the great thing about being a consultant?

A consultant’s role is help to customers solve problems. Through that, you get to harness the knowledge, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. I think that every employee should go through the consultancy path early in their career. It doesn’t mean you’ll end up as a consultant your entire working life. Being a consultant is a great way to expose yourself to various types of challenges, especially for fresh graduates, so that you gain the skills and experience that are essential to growing your career in the future.

What would you tell someone who’s currently looking at the possibility of joining Capgemini?

Capgemini is a great place to be in if you’re seeking growth. It’s a place with fair pay and great people to work with. Moreover, there are more chances to work directly with exciting customers both locally and globally. There is a strong collaborative working environment with a highly solution-oriented mindset.

What would you tell a fresh graduate who’s currently looking at Capgemini as a potential future employer?

Capgemini is an ocean of opportunities to learn and grow your career, your skills, and most importantly, yourself. You will gain a lot of exposure in terms of working with different customers and learning. There is a lot of freedom in your work and work-life balance — you need this to grow your career.

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