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Capgemini and Zelros

The partnership to transform insurance distribution

Today, there’s an increasing demand for insurance coverage. The market is fiercely competitive. And customers everywhere expect better experiences. Insurance distribution is changing rapidly, and harnessing data is the only way to keep up – which is why Capgemini has partnered with Zelros as part of our corporate ventures initiative.

“Zelros made our advisors proactive in discovering the needs of our customers, leading to increased NPS and better cross-sell rates.”

Deputy CEO, French mutualist insurer, and market leader in motor insurance

Introducing Zelros

Zelros is a true InsurTech pioneer. The startup has developed a 100% insurance specialized AI platform that connects to all types of insurance data – whether structured or unstructured, such as voice calls or documents – to insurance-specific predictive models to enrich their predictions and recommendations.

Powered by innovative cognitive services like powerful speech recognition and natural language understanding, Zelros interprets essential information from customer interactions – and then provides informed recommendations for both advisors and agents.

Why we’re partners

Poor customer experience is costing insurers billions in premiums. Meanwhile, digital-native insurance providers are winning business with fast-moving tailored offers. Rather than view this as a bad thing, Zelros saw the opportunity to harness real-time intelligence – developing a best-in-class recommendation engine that allows insurers to personalize policy offers across channels in real-time.

What this means is an improved customer experience. It also means mitigated risk exposure thanks to the sustainable and ethical use of AI. And it’s why Capgemini plans to leverage Zelros in digital transformation programs and at the same time help Zelros scale across new geographical areas.

What we love about Zelros

We combine our innovation capabilities

To deliver AI-driven product recommendations and sales solutions

We share a focus on continuous learning

To provide insurance advisors and agents with tangible insights

We collaborate across several areas

Including project management, configuration, deployment, and solution integration

We articulate a solid solution offering

With an accurate timeline, pricing model and technical requirements

We leverage our business venture

To deliver industry leading outcomes with a customer centric, hyper personalized solution

Boost cross-sell and up-sell by 20%.
Improve client acquisition, drive agent effectiveness, and increase quote conversion by 57% and provide distribution and innovation leaders with new ways to optimize customer engagement

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Learn more about the power of our partnership with Zelros