The Rise of AI

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The Quest for Autonomous Enterprises

What does an enterprise look like in which human involvement is eventually optional? What AI and automation technologies drive the journey to become such an autonomous enterprise? What stages can we expect, and when? In this guest contribution, Ray Wang from Constellation Research provides a crystal-clear framework to understand the very edge of where data-powered innovation will bring us.

R “ Ray ” Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research, Inc.


Decision alchemy for the self-driving enterprise

Not quite ready to experience a self-driving car? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Soon, AI may be behind the steering wheel of your core enterprise processes – sensing crucial events, analyzing key data, making optimal decisions, and taking ultrafast actions, all seamlessly and automatically and all while learning and improving every single day. There may be a few bumps in the road and an occasional detour, but the self-driving enterprise is definitely in our future

Lee Beardmore, VP & Chief Innovation Officer, Global Business Services, BPOTech, Capgemini
Ram P Krishnan, Chief Marketing Officer, Aera Technologies


Knowledge Graphs: Adding the human way to understand data better

Although artificial intelligence capabilities are improving daily, it is not always easy to put the AI rubber on the road – especially when it comes to understanding AI’s contextual data and problem-solving approaches. How about bringing in some “real” intelligence? Graphs are a typically human way of navigating and accessing data, and when combined with AI they bring out the best in human/ systems symbiosis.

Robert Engels, Chief Technology Officer, Insights & Data Capgemini Europe


Say what? Natural language generation is getting real

Breakthroughs in AI have resulted in systems that seem to understand natural language far better than even their most recent predecessors. Translating from one language to another has, for example, improved significantly. But there is more. Remarkably powerful language models underpin the ability to generate language, for instance, to finalize an email, create a relevant summary of a complex document, or even produce a full article or marketing text from scratch.

Viswanathan Rajeswaran, Head of AI-CoE, Insights & Data, Capgemini, India


Edge AI: Intelligence enters impenetrable nooks

Close to the edge is where the exciting things always tend to happen. This is certainly the case for Edge AI: putting increasingly powerful AI capabilities at the very boundaries of the IT estate and network, integrated with all sorts of devices outside, in the field, and on the working floor. Edge AI enables immediate detection of relevant data and events followed by real-time responses. And that is a capability that is proving to be even more crucial in the era of the pandemic.

Padmashree Shagrithaya, VP & Head – Analytics, Data Science and AI, Capgemini India


Data for Good: Saving Sperm Whale lives with AI

Data-powered innovation becomes particularly rewarding when it is used to create a better, more inclusive, more sustainable world. A compelling illustration of this is Capgemini’s collaboration with biologists to use state-of-the-art AI to better understand and protect sperm whales.. This collaboration also proves that doing good with AI easily goes hand in hand with building deep, reusable skills and leveraging the latest technologies.

Marcel Bergmann, Data Scientist, Insights & Data Global Business Line, Capgemini Germany
Lisa Steiner, Marine Biologist, Whale Watch Azores