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I’ve been working with Capgemini for almost a decade now. I joined as a graphic designer, then became a UX designer and today I am a UX architect.

My experience has spanned business units and, I didn’t notice the time fly by. My life at Capgemini cannot be summed up in just a few sentences. This is the place that has not only given me the wings to uplift my professional career but, at the same time, played a pivotal role in my transition to a working mother.

I have worked in many cities in India (Kolkata, Pune, and now Mumbai) and countries (Hongkong, Dubai, and Singapore), and managed different roles. At every step, Capgemini provided me with immense opportunities to help me improve my work. It was this constant change that has kept me hooked, inspired, and energized.

I have had the opportunity to attend career booster programs that focus on my skill development and other online courses with Harvard. I also had the opportunity to participate in Capgemini’s various CSR initiatives. I am the Diversity and Inclusion ambassador for Capgemini India, and I volunteer with #WINSPIRE, a program to advance gender balance. These programs have helped me overcome my inhibitions, instilled confidence, and enabled me to reach for the stars. Diversity and Inclusion is special to me because I feel it increases team unity, makes the workplace inclusive, and expands productivity and creativity within the team.

I was fortunate to embrace motherhood in 2017. Like any other new working mom, I wondered whether I would be able to manage both roles. However, all my inhibitions were put to rest when I had the opportunity to interact with other women within Capgemini who were also juggling these two roles. I started welcoming challenges and more responsibilities with a strong belief that the knowledge I gain will make me a stronger person. By sharing this newly gained knowledge with peers, I am constantly working to improve processes and procedures that improve gaps and inefficiencies in myself. And now, I am managing both fronts (career and parenthood). Capgemini gives me the flexibility to cope up with two fulltime jobs!

Yes, it was not a cakewalk, but as one of the most women-friendly organizations, Capgemini has helped me to manage and overcome this challenging phase of my life. By attending different events (online and offline) and training sessions, I started pushing myself a little every day until I started believing in myself. From welcoming me back with open arms after my maternity break to never doubting my capabilities and always understanding the concerns of a new mother, Capgemini is indeed my second home.

My life with Capgemini is all about Enable > Explore > Experiment…

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