Reflections on the first year of our partnership with Code Your Future

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Just over a year ago, as part of our commitment to Digital Inclusion, we were looking into widening access to the tech sector by providing training and employment opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals.

A cold call to explore ideas with Code Your Future, who help refugees fulfil their dream of becoming web developers, has turned into a powerful collaboration with the potential to have a long-lasting impact.

 This first call gave me enough information about Code Your Future to know that we had the potential for a strong partnership: Code Your Future is an innovative young charity dedicated to building the skills, confidence and capability of their students to help them gain employment in the tech sector. Capgemini is a global organisation with a focus on people, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a leader in digital transformation, committed to using our skills to help society address the impact of the digital revolution.  I knew that between us we had enough pieces to complete the jigsaw and develop something powerful.

Very quickly we announced our commitment to working with Code Your Future to set up our first Coding Academy in the UK.  Our first cohort of students graduated last month, and I am delighted to welcome five of them to team Capgemini.

More than a training course, Code Your Future has a special way of developing and supporting their students and volunteers. Their emphasis is on community – building a support structure and encouraging the students to support each other.   I wasn’t prepared for the emotional connection to both the organisation and students that this would bring me – or the huge sense of pride that would come from working with them. It has been a privilege to be part of such an inspirational community from whom I continue to learn. Added to which, I have made some wonderful new friends.

Our partnership with Code Your Future

I am delighted for the students that have joined us and excited for Capgemini. Their potential is only just beginning to be realised… as developers, as role models for other disadvantaged individuals and as catalysts for change in our business and our industry.

I’m not just proud that we have achieved our first year aims, I’m also thrilled about the momentum we are generating within Capgemini to help even more people step into new careers. We are finalising plans to build on these foundations, launching our second London class in November.  I’m optimistic and immensely excited to be part of a sustainable solution to addressing the skills gap that has persisted in our sector by helping refugees and others from disadvantaged backgrounds.

if you would like to find out more about the courses, as potential student or volunteer, please visit Code Your Future’s Website.



Sally Caughey

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