Bridge the gap for a seamless customer experience

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Discover how the SAP C/4HANA is the answer to meeting your customers’ demands.

Giving customers what they want

Customers expect to be engaged knowledgeably and efficiently at every touchpoint with your organization. This knowledge about your customers enables you with the right context and background. It helps you build a deeper understanding of your customers’ unique needs and expectations, and deliver more personal products and services. At the same time, customers should be able to trust you with their personal data and daily activities and believe in your expertise to use that information carefully to serve them better.

Meeting these new customer expectations demands a clear picture of the customer journey. To achieve this, you need data and insights beyond simply sales and service information. You need a broader perspective encompassing everything that has an impact on the customer journey. A seamless flow of data and information from the online search and marketing advertisements, to initial customer order, through stock availability, and on to delivery and after-sales services should all be part of one integrated customer journey.

Only then will it be truly possible to be a trusted partner to your customers. When you understand and predict the customer journey, you know where they’re going next – what their future challenges and opportunities are, what they are likely to buy, and how you can collaborate and co-create products and services for their future needs.

A new era in customer engagement

SAP has responded to such customer needs by pushing forward with a transformation of its CX product portfolio. This is being implemented via the SAP C/4HANA offering – five distinct cloud-based solutions, including Marketing, Sales, Commerce, Services, and Customer Data. It reflects SAP’s strategy to move clients from traditional on-premises architecture to the “digital core” with its S/4HANA platform. It allows for a seamless flow of data from the client-facing applications to core business systems, enabling that data to be turned into insights and knowledge. As more and more organizations embrace SAP S/4HANA as their preferred digital platform, moving to SAP C/4HANA can bridge the gap between the front- and back-office functions.

Starting the C/4HANA journey

We recognize that there are several different starting points for organizations seeking to improve the control and use of customer data in the SAP landscape. Some will be using on-prem SAP CX solutions and have yet to align this functionality with the current SAP strategy. Others will have made a heavy investment in SAP and perhaps are starting to move towards SAP S/4HANA. In both cases, a next step to ensuring a seamless customer experience with digital/cloud is to move to SAP C/4HANA.

Either way, at Capgemini, we believe making the move should be a natural progression – an evolution of your cloud journey with SAP. Importantly, the time to make this move is now, not when existing on-prem solutions become obsolete. The maturity of today’s cloud offerings makes this a sound business move. Why? Because enterprise applications in the cloud, including those for CX, now have all the features that were previously only available on premises.

To know more, visit us at SAP CX Live Munich event, browse our SAP CX webpage and stay tuned for a detailed point-of-view on this subject.

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