Opening up the SAP Cloud Platform: Are we giving the right impression?

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How agility can solve your business challenges and pave the way on your SAP S/4HANA journey.

One of the great pleasures I have is being able to attend SAP events all over Europe and see what we are doing in each country, and also what other partners and SAP are offering. I like to walk around and look at our content and meet clients.

I came away with a few learnings/issues from my recent visit to the SAP festival in Belgium. First of all, it was a great event full of energy and with a very “digital” feel. There were four to six main sponsors including Capgemini, keynotes and round table events, as well as an excellent and very well-catered VIP area with inflatable meeting rooms.

But as I walked around, it occurred to me that a lot of the demonstrations and stands were based around content that I had seen at events around Europe this year, and in some cases in the previous year(s). We had a demonstration of testing the freshness of fruit and tracking delivery, which has been a mainstay at events for a while now, and I have seen the work with an F1 firm by another company on several occasions in various countries. Surely, the point of the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)  is that it can be anything you want it to be and provide a unique proposition to any business and how they want to resolve their business issues? It’s not about producing and selling IP.

We recently did a one-hour design-thinking session about wearable technology with a client and we came up with some cool ideas with great business cases, but it actually only took a couple of days to buy a smart watch from Amazon and a week to build the proof of concept to a point where it could be demonstrated to clients. So why is the SAP community continuing to show the same developments time and again?

Maybe we should be showing that pretty much anything is possible and that it can be made quickly and with lower effort than we normally associate with the old bespoke developments, how we show this in a dynamic way at a booth is a challenge, but for me that is what we need to show.

We are now driving innovation events with clients all over Europe, either formal workshops or more ad-hoc innovation days or even lunchtime or after-work events. These are driving hundreds of use-cases which we are building quickly, cataloging, and sharing. The value we can bring is in developing new processes quickly which we can then showcase and not something we built 12 months ago. My aim is to have hundreds of use-cases available by the end of the year to demonstrate the art of the possible and use them to kick-start new developments and a new way of thinking.

At Capgemini when we build new solutions and innovations we use the best available technology platform to deliver the client roadmap. There are clear opportunities available to work with SAP and Hyperscalers which will become more predominant in the future than ever before.

Please contact me if you would like to run an innovation day to see the new innovation platform in action, understand the agility it can bring and how it can solve your business challenges and pave the way on your SAP S/4HANA journey.

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