The “Design” imperative for enterprises

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We all know that providing an engaging and seamless customer experience is vital.

To stay relevant and to differentiate themselves in an ever more crowded marketplace, brands must keep the customer front and center in the way they operate, organize and think about themselves.

That’s why at Capgemini we’re thrilled that we’ve further strengthened our partnership with Adobe through focusing on a new design-led initiative. Led by Capgemini Invent (the digital innovation, consulting and transformation part of the Capgemini Group), we will join forces with our friends at Adobe to accelerate design-led transformation, providing more immersive, compelling and contextually relevant experiences for end-consumers.

Design-led thinking to change customer experience as we know it

Leveraging the capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe XD, a collaborative platform for designing and prototyping user experiences, our Capgemini creatives across our global network of design studios, including , will enable our clients to create the  experiences, services and digital products of the future. This includes using Adobe XD for design thinking, UX design and design systems and Adobe’s 3D and immersive capabilities for product visualization. This design-led approach will span strategy, technology and data science, to accelerate the process of turning ideas into prototypes and then into scalable real-world solutions.

What’s more, Capgemini is also exploring the use of Adobe XD’s voice prototyping capabilities to design conversational interface solutions – which we have already foreshadowed as a game changer in how brands create new, emotionally engaging relationships with their audiences. Capgemini Invent and Adobe will jointly collaborate to establish best practices and thought leadership to transform how brands leverage design to connect with consumers.

Together, we want to disrupt today’s design-led customer experience, enabling our clients to better compete on the experience they enable, grow faster and uncover new growth potential.

Design is an underutilized capability for enterprises to deliver an ongoing superior customer experience to its customers. Our collaboration with Adobe will enable us to extend and expand our design capabilities to continue helping our clients deliver the contextual relevance that forms an emotional connection with their customers.


Thought leadership and best practice to help solve experience challenges

Idean believe strongly that design thinking and design systems is what customers are looking for scale and consistency in their design practices to create bolder futures and transform businesses. Passionate about shaping the future with design, they will also be working closely with Adobe to rouse design communities by developing best practices and thought leadership.

An eBook has been specifically created to enable organizations to build delightful, differentiated, and consistent brand experiences across their products and services, at scale. Titled “Hack the Design System,” this Book will be launching in early June. The pre-order will be available at at Adobe Summit in London on May 14th. We look forward to sharing this with you.

“Brands are increasingly looking to design-led thinking to disrupt customer experience as we know it,” said Ashley Still, Vice President and General Manager of Adobe Document Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud enterprise. “The expansion of our design-led partnership with Capgemini puts the power of our industry-leading design and immersive solutions in the hands of Capgemini Invent designers to create breakthrough, next generation customer experiences for our mutual customers.”

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