Delivering customer delight in a critical moment of truth

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Digitizing the First Notice of Loss to deliver customer delight in a critical moment of truth

Today’s consumers have grown accustomed to the ease and simplicity of online shopping.  Now they expect similar convenience and personalization from their insurers. However, the insurance industry continues to lag behind others when it comes to providing a satisfying, high-impact digital customer experience, according to the World Insurance Report (WIR) 2018.

Reporting a new claim is a critical customer touchpoint (in the aftermath of a personal injury, storm damage to property, a family member’s death, or the loss or theft of a treasured item) and it forms a key moment of truth that can highly influence customer loyalty.

Convenient, seamless, and personalized claims processing experience, for First Notice of Loss (FNOL) can drive superior customer satisfaction and earn loyalty.

More and more customers are leveraging digital channels such as web platforms and mobile apps to report claims conveniently, allowing users to upload photos and videos of losses incurred. The idea is becoming increasingly popular. A recent JD Power survey found that 42% of participants used a digital channel to transmit photos or videos of a damaged vehicle.[1]

Technology advancements in the industry is a great catalyst to achieve quicker settlement times, reduce loss adjustment expenses and to avoid leakage by fraud. Technologies such as optical/intelligent character recognition (OCR, ICR), natural language processing (NLP), and computer visions can aid in capturing extended data about the loss, estimate the loss automatically, and also adjudicate certain portion of the claims straight through.

By digitizing FNOL intake, more information is collected at the initial loss-reporting stage. Paper-based workflows are reduced, and claims’ volume and complexity are better managed. The result? Quick and accurate adjudication and lower claims processing costs for insurers while customers enjoy faster settlements and restoration.

With the deep understanding of the industry need, Capgemini has developed a next-generation, pay-per-claim utility solution, Digital FNOL Utility. The offering uniquely combines digital omni-channel technology, InsurTechs, and global business services expertise to decrease the unit cost in non-digital channels and diverting some of the call volume to digital channels.

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[1] J.D. Power press release, “Auto Insurers Earn High Marks for Customer Satisfaction in Claims Process but Struggle to Integrate Digital Claims Reporting Technology, J.D. Power Finds,” October 25, 2018,


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