Transform to Grow during Cloud Infra Week 2018

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Cloud Infra Week is designed to create an environment that will help you nurture your passions.

The IT marketplace is changing rapidly, new frontiers and new technologies underpin what is now widely considered to be a digital revolution. The onset of cloud, cybersecurity, internet of things, analytics, automation are just some examples of opportunities clients need to embrace in order stay competitive in the market. Over the last few years Cloud Infrastructure Services has been transforming to be more efficient in helping clients with their digital transformation agenda. As employees of Cloud Infrastructure Services, it is important that we make the time to understand this change in the market, how our portfolio has been adapted to meet these changing demands and how we can develop our thinking both personally and professionally, in order to transform and to grow.

With this in mind, Cloud Infrastructure Services hosts its annual ‘Virtual Infra Week’ this September – a week of learning and development opportunities designed to engage, enthuse and provide additional learning for our employees on relevant topics relating to their role in the business, our business drivers and personal development.

Capgemini is deeply committed to creating an environment and opportunities that will help you to nurture your passions and to love what you do and Cloud Infra Week is designed with that in mind.  The week is run as a virtual event, rather than a physical campus event.  This more digital approach appeals to our employees, allows greater reach, more opportunity to attend, and the means to provide all session recordings and presentation downloads.  All of which means more of our talented workforce can be involved in more of the sessions.

The week of events includes topics on identifying new business opportunities, a look at the latest trends and how that can be adapted to the client’s needs, an opportunity to analyze the future of technology and most important of all, topics on how to develop individually, enhance skill sets and take charge of and ace a career in this ever-changing business dynamic.

Finding top talent in hot topic areas such as Cybersecurity or Cloud is particularly challenging in today’s recruitment climate.  As is keeping your employees up to date on technological advances, innovation and new ways of thinking.  This makes it increasingly important for an organization to invest in ways to not only keep top talent but also to ensure that we’re are offering the best proposition for our clients.  Learning and Development is one of the biggest differentiators for employees when choosing which business they might like to work for, and it’s certainly one of the best ways to keep our talented workforce at the forefront of innovation and technology.

These are just two of the reasons why events like Infra Week are such a key part of our annual calendar and why they continue to support us in delivering our best work for our clients, but also the development of our talented workforce.

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