Embracing agile to meet the needs of a dynamic work environment

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The agile methodology allows an organization to respond to change quickly and efficiently. Dive into this blog to learn more.

Agile methodology has cemented its position in the software development world. Built on the premise that the world changes regularly and that software teams no longer have years to bring new products to the market, it bases itself on responding to change quickly and efficiently.

In my previous project, the agile methodology was used throughout, as it was the most effective method to track and complete tasks to meet the needs of our dynamic work environment. Back then, we would have daily stand-ups, where each person in the team would describe what they achieved in the last day, and what they were to be doing today. Agile allowed our team leads to easily track our progress and feedback any queries or blockers to the client.

This methodology also allowed our clients and stakeholders of the project to oversee what we had produced in the last two weeks and what we could deliver. It empowered them to direct us on what was lacking, what needed to be developed and how they wanted to effectively utilize what we had already developed.

Agile methodology helped us with a constant relay of information between our team and the client, thereby helping us to understand if we were in sync with the delivery plan. We could react quickly to changes and new requirements, adjusting the sprints as needed. Also, as one of the newer members of the team, I found that this methodology allowed blockers and problems to be effectively communicated within the team.

Capgemini actively encourages using agile in projects as there can often be problems with aligning delivery and getting sign off from customers. Agile helps to keep projects and deliveries on track with what is required and the time frames that have been set. Capgemini has specially developed the agile methodology which is already benefitting several clients.

We have developed Fast Digital for Discreet Industries (FD4DI), specifically aimed at helping clients manage their digital transformations. Incorporating an agile team with FD4DI would allow an organization to fully exploit the benefits of SAP’s top enterprise application software and Capgemini’s digital transformation. It would also enable the firm to evolve its operations alongside the digital growth in the industry, which is essential for profitable growth and sustainable competitiveness.

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