Spotlight on Capgemini NA @ Informatica World 2018 | May 21–24 in Las Vegas

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Spotlight on Capgemini NA @INFA World 2018 with key representation from Dusty Jackson, Scott Sweet, Keith Reid, Steve Jones, Goutham Belliappa and Mansoor Aleem

Last month, Capgemini elevated its strategic partnership with Informatica at their premier customer event, Informatica World. Over 2,500 people flooded the Venetian and Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas for three inspiring and high-impact conference days. Informatica is the only Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader that truly fast-tracks data-driven digital transformation and we were delighted to sponsor at a gold level for the event.

Capgemini was prominently featured at a center booth location, which we took full advantage of by capturing leads and demonstrating our newest, coolest assets in AI and analytics.

“Disrupt or you will be disrupted.” —Dr Ninja Jones – NA I&D

This theme of “Intelligent Disruption” dominated the entire event and resonated easily with Capgemini NA Insights & Data. We strive to lead our customers through disruptive digital transformations that deliver immediate value through AI and cognitive capabilities.

We have been a longtime partner of Informatica, and our joint go-to-market strategies have continued to evolve. In addition to a strong focus on traditional MDM, our joint energies center on the GDPR, and the next generation of the data landscape, or what we call “ This modern data architecture from Capgemini and Informatica forms a center of gravity of data with purpose-driven distillations. We have developed a Globally Federated Data Lake Template that is fully customizable and GDPR-certified. This template is ready to use and entirely supported on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Multi-level security, master data management, data quality, a comprehensive data catalog, and self-service data preparation tools are part of the foundation. While over 20 projects have deployed this template successfully, we were excited to formally debut our joint offering at the event.

The North America Insights and Data Team, led by Scott Sweet, VP, co-hosted a breakfast gathering of Consumer Products, Retail, and Manufacturing customers. The topics emphasized the need for digital transformation in the industries and concluded with how digital readiness in your enterprise can create customer value, build brands, and drive agility and productivity internally.

In this interactive session, Keith Reid, Capgemini’s NA Data Management leader, took the audience through the key benefits enterprises enjoy when they commit to AI-driven data. Goutham Belliappa, NA Big Data, AI, and Cognitive Practice leader joined Keith onstage, along with Informatica customer Nissan, for a panel-style Q&A session. The customer audience had compelling questions like:

  • How can their organizations better leverage data to provide business users vital and actionable information in real time?
  • In what ways can teams responsible for technology and data governance ensure that key decision makers within their companies understand the importance of having a digital readiness AND data strategy?
  • What are some pitfalls to avoid when establishing next gen digital technology capabilities?

In response to these questions, our panelists shared how Capgemini promotes digital readiness for our customers. Capgemini believes that a “connected ecosystem,” supported by AI, cloud computing, and automation, is the critical foundation to an organization’s digital readiness. Digitizing one part of your business and not the others will result in a fragmented and broken chain of digital capabilities’ value.

Our investment in the Informatica partnership has granted us several unique benefits as a global systems integrator. In addition to an extremely close and coveted connection with Informatica’s product engineering group, our team has built trusted executive relationships, up to the highest level in the Informatica organization. Quarterly meetings with their executive leadership help boost our collaborative efforts and keep us all on track. In particular, these three Informatica leaders have formed strong bonds with Capgemini NA and we enjoy the privilege of candid dialogue with them.

  • Ronen Schwartz, SVP of & GM, Data integration and Cloud Integration
  • Amit Walia, president, Products and Strategic Ecosystems
  • Anil Chakravarthy, CEO.

Just one week after the event, our Cognitive, AI, and Spark leaders Goutham Belliappa, Steve Jones, Mansoor Aleem, Keith Reid, and Dusty Jackson spent the day in Redwood City at Informatica’s headquarters doing a deep-dive product roadmap session. The focus was on enabling the ecosystem through joint strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Databricks.

We are still riding the momentum from winning Informatica’s Big Data Partner of the Year 2017 award in January of this year, and as we reflect on Informatica World, it’s easy for us to look forward and smile upon our continued partnership with Informatica. Capgemini already boasts a very large Informatica practice, with over 5,000 trained consultants worldwide and we will continue to train more and more of our consultants in their wide product set.

For more information about our partnership with Informatica In North America, please contact Dusty Jackson, NA Insights & Data Alliance leader.

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