Finding golden nuggets with the Applied Insights Center

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AIC takes the guesswork out of insights and helps you apply them where it matters most—right at the point of action.

You already know that your organization has never before produced such a vast amount of data; that in this data there are opportunities waiting to be discovered. And applying this data can mean the difference between just surviving, and thriving.

But on top of this growing data there’s an often overwhelming range of new technologies to help you manage and process your data. So what’s the best approach to find the gold hidden in this data?

In this blog, I talk about the Applied Insights Center (AIC), a powerful and unique approach we have developed. Here I highlight the top 3 things the AIC can do for your business.

Question 1.With the enormous amount of data available today, how can organizations overcome the challenges of deriving fast and accelerated business benefits?

The first step is to understand the data that you have and the data that you need or should have to help you in your business.

The next step is to work across business lines in identifying the opportunities or use cases that can help in driving profitable growth for the organization.

Once you have these two, then the approach can be bottom-up and top-down to make sure that the business objectives are met, such as cost containment, increase in revenue streams, faster go-to-market, increased profitability, new business streams, etc.

Where organizations struggle is to have a balanced approach between business needs and the data required to support those needs. By focusing on a structured- and ROI-based approach toward leveraging data, you can build solutions that focus not only on insights, but also on the application of insights at the point of action. We call this Applied Insights.

The method to get there is via the Applied Insights Center, which combines both approaches to ensure the objectives set out by the organization are met.

Question 2. There is a plethora of new technologies to analyze this data, but it can often get complicated or just confusing. How do organizations know which technology to pick to ensure insights at the right time and speed?

Technologies keep changing and newer ones will keep coming up in shorter time cycles. The key is to focus on foundational elements that are required to leverage data.  With that in place, if you define your information architecture top-down with the business in mind, you can build an architecture with interchangeable technologies that can help accelerate the solutions or insights. Machine learning and cognitive technologies, along with our AI-first approach can create applications that get ‘smarter’ every day.

In addition to this, our SMART business suite can quickly jumpstart your applied insights journey without having to worry about technologies, because we have already done that for you – all of these techniques and solutions are built into our Applied Insights Center.

Question 3. So how quickly can all of this happen?

Speed is of the essence in every business today. Use-case deployment can happen in as little as 2–4 weeks and benefits can be realized quickly. Our use of the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) to pilot and create business solution prototypes for our clients accelerate this process.

The SMART suite of business solutions is pre-packaged and ready to roll for a number of different business areas and domains. With a modular and flexible approach, the AIC can easily adapt to the needs and priorities of your business.

AIC takes the guesswork out of insights and helps you apply them where it matters most—right at the point of action. By selecting a partner like us, you can focus on the business objectives and how to maximize ROI while we help you by demystifying the different choices available and simplifying your journey.

Get in touch with us to find out what the AIC can do for your business.

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