AI outsourcing – a safe pair of virtual hands

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The astronomical growth of AI-based services requires outsourcing partners to provide the kind of capability their clients may struggle to provide themselves.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a profound impact on the way organizations of the future operate. It is already being used to support many functions, but will grow to become wholly pervasive. As organizations continue to evolve, they will need to develop significant AI capabilities to disrupt business models and the products and services they provide.

In a recent Capgemini survey, 74% of respondents observed significant benefits from leveraging AI to drive sales performance of new products and services, while 73% witnessed enhanced customer satisfaction. The demand is there and the potential is recognized.

With such rising demand, however, comes the requirement to provide both AI-based services and the technology to deliver them. Tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and IBM are working hard to simplify the consumption of AI, delivering an industrialized foundation that enables companies to operate and scale AI solutions quickly.

There are also a myriad of startups providing specific AI solutions for a wealth of business processes. In turn, service providers are gearing up to support the end-to-end requirements of an AI-centric business – from consulting/advisory through to the design, build, and operation of business functions and the technology that underpins them. All of this industry activity reinforces belief in the pervasive potential of AI.

With AI skills at a premium, the cost of setting up an industrialized AI capability is significant. Combine this with industry disruption and the rapid evolution of AI technology, and it is easy to understand the risks associated with AI adoption. While many organizations are experimenting with AI, they often need help to scale their capability. All of this points to a positive business case for AI outsourcing, and it is incumbent on service providers to stay ahead of the game.

The astronomical growth of AI-based services requires outsourcing providers to offer the kind of capability their clients may struggle to provide themselves. To this end, the role of the outsource provider is to fulfill these areas and become a safe pair of virtual AI hands that guide their customers along their AI-led transformation journeys.

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As Chief Technology Officer for Capgemini’s Business Services, Lee Beardmore’s role is to help Capgemini’s clients face complex challenges through innovation and by making sound technology decisions for real business gain. A computer scientist by education, a technologist at heart, and with many years of cross-industry experience, Lee has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

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