Data disruptors are changing the game—but there is a storm brewing

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Enterprises will have to build transparency, agility, speed and responsiveness into their customer experience platforms to deliver sustainable transformation.

Raw data is just that. Data. What enterprises are hungry for more than ever is Curated Data? They need to be able to turn all that customer data those flows into their organization (or into third-party suppliers) and turn it into something meaningful that can help them better understand the customer journey and how companies engage with their brand. To do this, they need to bring these data sets together, identify what is relevant using domain experts, and build the tools and capabilities to turn it into insights. Only then can they deliver a superior customer experience (CX).

And where does this magical data sit? Well, with a combined market capitalization of over three trillion dollars, GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) and Alibaba, more recently evolving into the FATBAG Gang of Six (Facebook, Amazon, Tencent, Baidu, Ant, and Google), holds the data that consumer enterprises crave. These new data disruptors provide consumer enterprises exactly what they need to drive the next-generation experience on their market-leading technology platforms.

But, as ever in life, it’s not that simple. That path will have to be negotiated with skill and expertise as the GDPR legislation comes into force in the EU in May 2018 to control the use of personal data, leaving governments everywhere concerned about how data is being used and shared as we can see with the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica episode. Enterprises will have to build transparency, agility, speed, flexibility, and responsiveness into their CX platforms—mindful that what may be allowed today, may be restricted, or even prohibited, in the future. CX platform-based solutions are leading the thinking and breaking the mold to provide a peek into the future models to deliver sustainable transformation for our clients.  

As part of the “string of pearls” approach, Capgemini Group has acquired Innovation Strategy firms such as  F212, Idean and CX-UX firms like Backelite under its Digital Innovation capability set to complement the Applied Innovation Exchanges. We implement the latest solutions in the “Commerce” space and have acquired Itelios and LyonsCG recently to cement our  leadership position. Conversational Commerce is the new and growing channel for customers. We also recently announced our intention to acquire LiquidHub to strengthen our CX value propositions in the Digital CX space.

Capgemini and Adobe

Capgemini has a strong partnership with Adobe to enable us deliver to our clients what they need in the CX/UX space. Capgemini’s Digital CX Practice focuses on Adobe Marketing Cloud as a technology platform to accelerate  sector offerings such as Conversational Commerce, Seamless Customer Engagement for CPR Sector, and Connected Banking for Financial Services Sector.

Visit us at Adobe Summit 2018, Las Vegas March 25–29 where we are a gold sponsor and showcasing market-leading solutions in Financial Services, CPR and Life Sciences at the show.

Meet our experts to discuss how you can shape your customer experience journey and See you at booth #235.

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