When I think about the holiday season, what could be better than everyone having a gift, without exception?

Well, here’s the good news: CLOUD is your gift for all!

Everyone, whatever the region in the world, has access to the same computing power, the same virtually unlimited storage capacity, the same networking capabilities, the same set of backend services to build digital solutions.

Do you think this is enough? Of course not!

Actually, the pace of innovation is moving so fast that what I’ve just described are now almost commodity services.

Now it is showtime for:

  • Analytics on demand
  • IoT-driven platforms
  • AI/DeepLearning as a Service
  • Self-service blockchains
  • GPU/FPGA based HPC computing
  • Fully managed containers platforms
  • Serverless architectures
  • and even Bare Metal as a Service.

Cloud is the kingdom of toys for developers, so welcome to Clouds“R”Us!

Have a great 2018, and I hope you take/find the time to play with all those exciting cloud[ to” to build the next killer app.

Contribution by Nicolas Gaudillière 

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