No Predictions 2018—Design for Digital

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Without “digital,” what remains is design, how to design, how to think design, how to feel design?

When looking back, one year later, at the design principles of Design for Digital in TechnoVision 2017, here is how I see them scoring:

  • Le Roi Cloud: is now established in theory, but we still have a long way to go in practice
  • Twin Worlds: they will keep stretching our imagination for quite a while
  • Speed Platform: the so-called platform companies remain the envy of most of the other, “normal” companies
  • IQ Up: Corporate IQ remains little understood, we are barely scratching the surface; and will AI change everything?
  • Trust P&L: trust has become a well-understood survival condition, but is not yet factored well enough into our designs
  • Hack my (business) model: with innovation omnipresent, are we becoming a little bit bored? But not hacking enough yet?

When looking at the design principles as a whole, I draw two conclusions.

First, digital’s hegemony is proven by the criticism and opposition it increasingly generates. In 2017, this movement has found its target: the magnificent four or five (is it GAFA or now GAFAM?) have become, for many, the untrustworthy and feared, ominous four or five.

Second, the last 12 months bring us closer to making the TechnoVision concept of Design for Digital obsolete. What is not digital nowadays? Without “digital,” what remains is design, how to design, how to think design, how to feel design? In a world where functions, feeds and speed have to go hand in hand with intelligence, trust, happiness?

So my 2018 wish is that the digital era moves towards maturity without killing the challenge and the excitement!

Contribution by Pierre Hessler 

See the full No Predictions 2018 overview here

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