The Thrills and Spills of Working in Intelligent Automation

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Right now, we’re looking for people with a tech consulting background not just here in Germany but in France, the Nordic countries, across the rest of Europe and in the US too. We’re also looking for junior developers willing to move into robot development.

Do you want to be in the best possible place and the best group of people to see where automation is taking us? There’s never been a more exciting time to bring the benefits of business transformation to finance and accounting. What are you waiting for? Jump aboard!

I once saw a cartoon showing a crowded arena in ancient Rome, with a charioteer in the foreground saying to his friends: “Don’t bother me with those salespeople right now. We have a race to win!” Off to one side stood the sales team—and behind them, just visible through an archway was the sports car they were selling.

It’s often the case, isn’t it? Someone tries to sell you something, and your first instinct is to assume it’s irrelevant, expensive and a waste of time. We’ve grown to inherently distrust salespeople. We don’t even want to listen to them—they’re a distraction from the here and now.

But there are two things that can make a big difference to people’s attitudes in these circumstances—reputation and track record. If the product or service is positively regarded by a wide audience it’s more likely to be favorably received—and if the team selling it can demonstrate relevant, recent and significant success, so much the better.


I’ve been lucky to find myself in just this kind of environment. I’m Director of Technology Transformation specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) for Capgemini in Düsseldorf. I lead a team that spends much of its time demonstrating the benefits of these technologies for existing clients who are seeing the need for higher automation and also for organizations that are completely new to us and might only have a first impression.

Do we ever meet people like our Roman charioteer? Not really. Most enterprises these days are familiar with AI and RPA, and the benefits they can bring to finance and accounting (F&A). While we’re occasionally asked to run proof-of-concept (PoC) exercises within a designated functional area of a business, we mostly roll out test implementations that are more deeply and widely embedded.

But it’s not just about the technology—it involves making use of a full methodology that’s tailored to specific business needs, and if that means taking a fresh look at how processes are implemented and can be improved or supported to get the best out of the transformation, most organizations are happy to go along with it. They’re not exactly driving chariots, but they do know how much better it would be to have a sports car.

Track record

It’s not just the reputation of AI that gets people interested, nor the cognitive functions that can be replicated at scale in F&A. It’s also the reputation of the business delivering it—a reputation built on a track record. The clients we meet really like to hear about our experiences—they want us to demonstrate the possibilities with real-world examples and want to know that there’s a sound business philosophy behind our work delivering these substantial and practical benefits.

Our track record is founded on the work and knowledge of our individual team members. I really like working with the many skilled people we have across the globe, and it’s great to be able to show the world what we can do as a team. And as our experience grows and the technology evolves, we’re able to enhance the extent of our offer. This is a real buzz.

Fancy getting on board?

When I first started embedding automation into processes, there were just three of us in our BPO IT team—but now there are loads of us, not just in Germany, but all over the world, helping to win deals. I’m really proud of the teams we’ve built—and we need even more people on board.

Right now, we’re looking for people with a tech consulting background not just here in Germany but in France, the Nordic countries, across the rest of Europe and in the US too. We’re also looking for junior developers with experience in at least one of the following languages: VB/.NET, Java, JavaScript, C#, willing to move into robot development either in the countries listed above or in Poland, Guatemala, Brazil, or India.

What can you expect? From my own experience, you’ll find you’re in the best possible place to see where the technology is taking us—and among the best group of people too. We enjoy what we do, we love the difference we can make to the enterprises we serve, and the technologies we’re engaged in are just the current stage on a long automation journey.

I’m excited to be part of it—and if the sound of it appeals to you too, you’ll find there’s room in our sports car. Why don’t you climb aboard? Click here for more information about working with or for Capgemini.

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