Rendez-vous with the future of Consumer Goods and Retail—Welcome to Berlin

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The annual Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum (this year commencing 21 June in Berlin) is reliably one of the most thought-provoking gatherings of the year.

Given the market transitions afoot in the industry, the 2017 gathering promises to be no different.

And Intel is pleased this year – with our good partner Capgemini — to add two elements to the Summit’s rich intellectual mix.

In conjunction with the Summit will be the publication of the second white paper by Capgemini, the CGF, and Intel on the value of the much-discussed (and often hyped) internet of things (IOT) in the consumer goods industry. Entitled “IOT for Consumer Packaged Goods and the Retail Sector: How to benefit, and where to start,” it provides a clear guide to value.

Quite simply, IOT is all about using data to drive the business. Using data to know sooner, decide smarter, and act faster. Using data to keep pace with today’s ever-changing consumer.  

It’s about using the data you have.  Using the data that’s now available. Existing data. New data. Sales data. Trend data. Consumer behavior data. Social media data. Trading partner data. Data from the manufacturing line and from the trucks rolling toward customers.

What’s new is a significantly-increasing ability to not only to get data, but to connect it, compare it, and – most of all – to analyze it. And to do so as the business happens, so that you not only have visibility to what’s unfolding on the plant or store floor, but – thanks to the new analytics – you can begin to predict (with ever-greater precision) what a shopper wants or needs.

With time enough to turn it into incremental revenue. Or greater efficiency in the mid-lines of the P&L.

Be sure to get a copy of the white paper at the Summit, or download it from here.

Wednesday morning in Berlin (at 09:00 and 11:00), our friends Kees Jacobs of Capgemini and Dr. Brian Subirana of the Massachusetts institute of Technology (MIT) will take a look into the future of consumption with their presentation “Making the Digital Connection: in-store, in- home, in-life.” 

Kees, the long-time industry visionary and advisor to The Consumer Goods Forum, is the Consumer Goods & Retail Lead of Capgemini’s Insights & Data Global Practice. With a doctorate in artificial intelligence and M.B.A., both from MIT, Brian currently serves as Director of the MIT Auto-ID Laboratory and Research Scientist at MIT.

In addition to taking a look at Capgemini’s latest customer experience research, Kees and Brian will also share thoughts – and a vision – as to the next big market transformation now rolling through the consumer goods and retail industries.

And, they’ll share the news of an exciting industry-centric research initiative now aimed at giving the rest of the industry an opportunity to win in that transformation, an initiative launched in recent days by MIT, Capgemini, and Intel.

Welcome to Berlin at the the 61st Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum.

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