New ways to gain advantage from IT – Toy Story and the lessons for Digital ADM projects

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Toy Story is credited as being the first ever feature-length animated film. The portrayal of the child’s fleeting interest in toys is endearing.

The kid’s favorite toy Woody feels old and irrelevant when the new toy Buzz Lightyear comes into the happy environment. The story has a happy ending, though.

IT applications and Woody like fate

Enterprises have thousands of IT applications and continue to include new Digital IT applications to their portfolio. In this context, the legacy IT applications are in Woody’s position. Are they still relevant or do they have to be consigned to a fate of being old and ineffective?

The answer is the former, both the Digital IT and the legacy IT applications have their place under the sun. However, this is possible only if the enterprises revitalize legacy applications to improve their digital performance and to create a strong P&L impact. This is easier stated than done since businesses cringe at demands for more IT budget.

The win-win

IT can move the needle on increasing the digital performance of legacy applications based on a high-impact but low-touch approach. This method involves conducting a digital readiness assessment of each relevant application in-line with the “digital” vision of the company and the digital maturity of the sector. In order to ensure that this diagnostic exercise is more than a health-check, it is necessary to apply the assessment insights to make “quick-win” changes to application and database code, in a manner that provides powerful functional and technical capabilities to improve Digital performance. This involves a mix of day-to-day operational ADM insights, domain insights, and technology knowledge to enhance the P&L impact for enterprises. The good news is that this does not require high investments.

As in the Toy Story movie, newness or oldness does not decide relevance—rather small yet insightful changes that produce rapid P&L impact decides relevance.

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