Despite powerful market and service innovations related to IT and increased computing power there is little evidence that IT investments improved overall productivity as expected. Organizations are not able to utilize the capabilities of the new technology for example automating inefficient processes has limited impact on productivity.

Business Process Change Management (BPCM) is a robust, structured framework delivered by Capgemini, Group IT team, to address a range of change management needs, from operational change to tactical change. It consists of a suite of tools, templates, and thought leadership across several enablers or categories of change. This comprehensive methodology helps effectively manage change to ensure the success of a project and its delivery of business benefits. The BPCM method is scalable, adaptable and centered on business value realization.

The goal is to achieve dramatic improvement through rapid and radical redesign and implementation of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed.

BPCM approach aligns to the organization’s business benefits ensuring project success and sustainable benefits achievement. Because of the formality, structure, and familiarity of a business. Table below shows the BPCM and its Relationships to Other Improvement Programs.

BPCM doesn’t just assure improve the final processes, but also introduces checks and balances making them more efficient and reliable. Besides optimizing cost of operations, by facilitating early defect detection and reducing rework, BPCM improves application usability and performance. With minimal investment of resources, BPCM addresses risks & challenges introduced by advanced technologies and yields high returns – with customer delight being the major payback.

BPCM helps to effectively drive and reap the benefits of successful business process reinvention. BPCM looks at how we can use the latest technologies to not only automate processes, but makes us more ingenious.

Though technology enables transformation, People and Processes are what will drive the change. Hence BPCM is an important first step and foundation to effective IT projects, so even if technology is a key part of organization’s roadmap, we have to make sure that we have done the BPCM for effective project success.