Do you want to know how SAP and Capgemini are working together in IoT (Leonardo, HANA, HANA Cloud Plartform, S/4 HANA)?

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IoT – and the machine-to-machine (M2M) technology behind it – are bringing a kind of “super visibility” to nearly every industry.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Imagine utilities and telcos that can predict and prevent service outages, airlines that can remotely monitor and optimize plane performance, and healthcare organizations that can base treatment on real-time genome analysis. The business possibilities are endless.

Figure 1, shows how Internet of Things (IoT) things connects devices for people effectively leverage.

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

(Figure 1)

What is SAP’s Leonardo?

Let me give you some background about the universally recognized Leonardo Da Vinci:

Leonardo Da Vinci was, without a doubt, an innovator, someone way ahead of his time. Leonardo carries instant, universal recognition – both as a name and as the figure known for ushering in a groundbreaking era of science and discovery. I can only imagine what he would think of how some of his concepts have been realized, enhanced, and empowered in today’s world of connected products, assets, and vehicle fleets. Or how they would be implemented across the Internet of Everything by connecting infrastructures, markets, and people in today’s world.

How he connected many things, SAP’s Leonard is an Internet of Things (IoT) makes literally everything connected or connectable, from the products we make to the people that use them:

  • Connected products means new insights throughout the product lifecycle, from design, to production, to delivery, to the end of a product’s life.
  • Connected assets can be tracked, monitored, analyzed, and maintained proactively to reduce operational and maintenance costs and increase equipment uptime.
  • Connected fleets of vehicles, robots, forklifts, and autonomous vehicles can be monitored, maintained, and optimized to improve services, safety, visibility, and service quality.
  • Connected infrastructure can improve digital operational intelligence of physical infrastructure systems, construction, and energy grids enabling improved service, efficient operations, and compliance and risk mitigation.
  • Connected markets can optimize rural and urban areas to better enable new production and enhance assets, space, and our natural resources.
  • Connected people enable more insightful, collaborative work roles, health management, and smart-home environments by connecting people and communities and providing better, more personalized lifestyle experiences.

How Leonardo is connected to SAP’s S/4 HANA Digital Core?

SAP’s Leonardo connects things with people and processes

(Figure 2)

In a nutshell, SAP’s Leonardo connects things with people and processes. SAP provides a highly innovative IoT solution portfolio which extends the digital core with adaptive applications, big data management and connectivity to enable business process and connted people.

As you can see in Figure 2, Internet of Things and Big Data is a 4th pillar for a Digital Enterprise

Leonardo - things and processes

(Figure 3)

As you can see in Figure 3, how IoT things and Processes are streamline the data so that all IoT Applications and Application Platform can serve customer’s needs.  In these are areas Leonard Portfolio connects these Things to the core SAP HANA system.

• Connected Products

• Connected Assets

• Connected Fleet

• Connected Infrastructure

• Connected Markets

• Connected People

SAP Leonardo Technology Overview?

This SAP’s IoT platform makes it possible to develop, deploy, and manage IoT and M2M applications. Automate processes and network connections, store and manage sensor data, connect and control your devices, and analyze your data.

In Figure 4 you can see the detail Leonardo technology overview.

Leonardo Technology Overview

(Figure 4)

How Capgemini is planning an important role to compliment SAP’s IoT platform?

In 2017 SAP is positioning in these six IoT application categories (Connected products, Connected Assets, Connected Fleet, Connected Infrastructure, Connected Market and Connected People.

SAP Leonardo Innovation Portfolio for IoT Applications.

Currently Capgemini Energy team is working with SAP IoT and Big Data team (highlighted in green in Figure 5) to provide HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), SAP Hybris Service, S/4 HANA, HANA, IoT integrated solutions for Oil Field Services companies, and Upstream Operation companies.

Six IoT application categories

(Figure 5)

As you can see in Figure 6, Capgemini is an official Partnership with SAP to work on IoT professional services.

(Figure 6)

Use Case: Field Ticketing Solution (FTS)

In Figure 7 you can see how Field Ticketing Solution is helping Field Crew by leveraging SAP’s HCP and IoT.

Purpose: An application framework (platform) to support a line of business applications.

Requirements: Cloud based when connected, disconnected capabilities when not connected, easy to use, easy to change and maintain field tickets

Integration: Integrated with ERP, Internet of Things and content management systems

Field Ticketing System

(Figure 7)


  • Capgemini’s Field Ticketing Solutions article
  • SAP’s Leonardo article




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