Salesforce is engaging Financial Services (FS) firms with a new offering to help change how they engage customers, employees, and agents. Salesforce Einstein ( is “artificial intelligence in the Salesforce platform” that is designed to help Salesforce become the “world’s smartest CRM.” These advances sound interesting and futuristic, but how are they actually executed is quite fascinating and brings value to FS firms in several unique ways. Many studies and surveys have shown that FS firms have a “loyalty crisis” with customers flip-flopping between competitors with shocking frequency that create a big impact to a firm’s revenue. Rohit Mahna (@rmahna2), Salesforce’s general manager of Financial Services, explained that this crisis is affecting FS firms of all shapes and sizes regardless of the insurance market they serve. With Salesforce and Einstein, firms can be smarter about how they interact with their customers to ensure they are happy and stay customers for the long term. Einstein enables firms to discover connections in existing clients they didn’t know before such as friend or business connections that can be leveraged to deepen the customer relationship. Understanding your clients better allows firms to connect on a closer level and provide greater understanding of who their client is and where they fit in the world. By using predictive intelligence based on deep analytic processing, Salesforce with Einstein can predict when a customer is likely to buy and promote products at that time or encourage representatives to reach out when the customer is most ripe for engagement. Other advances include automating routine tasks that allow agents to spend more time with their clients and less on managing the mundane. These new features all move to “humanize the customer engagement” but allowing for more one-to-one relationships to be established and allowing agents more time to give the personal touch that means the difference between attrition and retention.

As presented at the Financial Services Keynote at Dreamforce 2016, Farmers Insurance is taking full advantage of the advances in FS cloud and personalizing the interactions with their customers to avoid the loyalty crisis. By enabling an omni-channel experience for their customers, agents, and employees, Farmers has built innovative ways to manage policy holder servicing, marketing, self service, and claims submission. Customers can use their mobile device to manage their accounts, file claims, and find answers to questions on their own. Internally, Farmers employees can see the 360-degree view of customers and engage them with relevant information. In a great, animated example, Farmers exhibited how a real customer’s house was damaged when a bear broke in. The demonstration showed a wonderful customer experience to assist during a terrible and scary situation. Farmers’ mobile app allowed the homeowner to file a claim very simply. However, the homeowner was stuck as there was not an option for “Bear Damage”! Using the app, the homeowner was able to dial Farmers support. The Farmers support representative was able to instantly see why the customer was calling and seamlessly continue the homeowners claim without asking for information that had already been provided and get the claim process completed. This ease of changing channels of communication gives customers a sense of connection to Farmers, that Farmers care about their experience, and reinforces Farmers’ commitment to the customer which will hopefully increase retention.

Capgemini’s All Channel Experience (ACE) for Insurance is our offering to enable enhanced customer, agent, and employee interactions like Farmers has deployed. ACE is a combination of Salesforce Sales, Service, and Community clouds with a responsive UI. A pre-configured data model snaps in to the FS cloud and includes a leading practice template for data capture. Our customizable business logic and UI allow insurers to tailor their experience to the needs of their customers, agents, and employees. Read more about ACE for Insurance ( and how you can transform your firm’s approach to successful interactions.