As we officially enter the start of fall, many parents and caregivers of young children reflect on the summer…the fun moments with family and friends, we marvel how the time went so quickly. 

One summer memory for many in our Houston office was the Bring Your Child to Work Day Event, hosted for the first time by our Women LEAD Employee Resource Group.  Women LEAD is a network for all Capgemini colleagues (women and men) in North America who want to build and promote a community of people who respect each other’s skills and experience regardless of gender. It enables the communication of: women’s focused activities, the value these activities/initiatives have for the greater good of Capgemini, and the positive impact to our business.

Organizing the office’s first Bring Your Child to Work Day was the organic result of Women LEAD members who expressed interest in hosting an event for our families, and the summer timing worked since many children are out of school. Similar to the nationally recognized Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day, the purpose of the event was to educate our colleagues’ children on what Capgemini does as a business and how the parents contribute to helping Capgemini serve clients and the community. The children participated in an office tour and a scavenger hunt that allowed for further exploration and for the children to learn more about the roles of our some of our employees.  The children also created vision boards depicting their future careers, and they presented their boards in front of their parents and peers.

I was fortunate to have my son and nephew participate in this year’s program.  Their time in the office served as a wonderful springboard into a discussion about what I do for Capgemini, and what my work means.  As the Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, I appreciated the opportunity to talk to these young boys about the importance of embracing our differences and being open to including those who are different in our circle of friends and also our sports teams (very important to these active boys)! That evening, I also read to my son the book, A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni.  The book depicts a chameleon’s journey to find his authentic color, and he doing so, he finds a good friend.

Based on the positive feedback received from both parents and kids, the Houston office of Capgemini looks forward to making Bring Your Child To Work Day an annual event.   Until then, I will actively pursue: 1) ways to continue to educate my son on how “Mommy’s work” makes a positive, lasting difference in the workplace…one that I believe he reap the benefits of and 2) experiences that will give him a strong appreciation for the power found in surrounding himself with a diverse group of friends. 

Article Contributor:  Kristell Muniz 

Kristell Muniz is an SAP SuccessFactors Consultant focusing on recruiting, onboarding, workforce analytics, and social collaboration. She is currently on a 6 month rotational program with the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability team. Kristell has been active in Diversity & Inclusion since joining Capgemini and is the Co-Lead for Houston’s Women LEAD group. Kristell has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Psychology from Trinity University. Her interest include long-distance running, volunteering in her community, and attending local fine art events.