The Possibilities: Healthy Living While Traveling?

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First, let me just answer the question above, YES! Being healthy is all about taking the first step to changing your eating habits, incorporating exercise in your week and taking care of yourself mentally. Let’s look at a few tips from a traveling consultant on how to do all of those things and more while […]

First, let me just answer the question above, YES! Being healthy is all about taking the first step to changing your eating habits, incorporating exercise in your week and taking care of yourself mentally. Let’s look at a few tips from a traveling consultant on how to do all of those things and more while you are traveling for pleasure or for business.

Working as a consultant can be hard and travelling to the client site adds another layer of difficulty.  Consultants are guaranteed to spend a few hours each week on a plane. Whether we use those few hours to catch up on sleep or catch up on work, those hours could have been allotted to exercise. To stay up to date with your health, you can use those few hours in the plane to keep up on your water daily intake. Health experts recommend eight 8-ounce glasses each day. Just a warning! If you don’t already incorporate this much water daily, you’re going to take a lot more bathroom breaks than  usual l. Don’t worry, this is normal. Plus, you will get a few extra steps on your fitbit.

Flying in Sunday night, you probably only have a few minutes before you go to bed. Before you go straight to your hotel room, have the taxi/uber take you to the nearest grocery store. Buy some fruits that don’t need to be refrigerated like apples and bananas so you can incorporate them in your breakfast and throughout your day. Eating fruits and veggies daily will not only give you those essential vitamins, it will help make you feel more energized throughout the day. You can always pull out a piece of fruit during those times that you need a snack instead of reaching for another cup of coffee. When you arrive back to your hotel room, go ahead and get that sleep. You always need a recommended eight hours so your body can function properly, but don’t forget to drink 16 ounces of water before you go to bed. Water will help with digestion during the night and will keep your body hydrated throughout the night.

It’s Monday morning, you’re dressed and ready for your cup of coffee. Think about that cup of coffee before you pour it. How many sugars do you place in that morning cup? How many creams? All those sugars and creams add up in empty calories throughout the week, month and year. It doesn’t mean that you cannot have your precious sugar and cream, but cut down on the amount. You can also choose to drink the coffee black or drink green tea instead. Though green tea has less caffeine than coffee, it has tons of benefits for your health. Green tea helps with weight loss, brain activity improvement and has bioactive compounds that improve health, according to Authority Nutrition.

Now it is time for some breakfast before you start off your day. We all know those breakfast sandwiches are oh so yummy but sometimes are also oh so greasy. If your hotel provides breakfast or a breakfast buffet, try making your own breakfast sandwich or have some oatmeal and fruit with a piece of toast. If you are on one of those client sites where you are in the middle of nowhere then a grocery shopping trip on Sunday night really helps out. You can get things such as oatmeal. Make sure to make breakfast your biggest meal of the day. Your metabolism is really working at the beginning of the day and slows down throughout the day.

Soon enough, it is LUNCH TIME! Some times during lunch, we all just want a burger, pizza, or even that yummy Mexican place down the street (Taco Bell). Take a quick second and think about how you feel after you eat that yummy greasy food. Eating those unhealthy options are going to just make you feel more tired and sluggish throughout the second half of your day. You don’t want that especially if you are going to be in the office for five or more hours after lunch. Take the healthy route and eat a sandwich, salad or some soup. Don’t worry! Treat yourself on Fridays to a nice lunch if you are really still craving that burger at the end of the week.

It is finally the end of your day, now you can go out to dinner. Some days you just want to get the fastest thing you can find or whatever is closest on the way back to the hotel. Though you may opt for a place like Chili’s, try to get a meal that consists of mainly vegetables. Vegetables, believe it or not, will fill you up faster than carbs and they are super good for you. It is also about properly portioning your food. When you go to a restaurant, you sometimes feel like you have to eat everything on your plate. DO NOT EAT EVERYTHING ON YOUR PLATE! Only eat until you are full. Overeating never helps especially at night. The closer you get to the time you go to bed, the slower your metabolism gets.

Throughout your week, try to eat more vegetables, fruits and drink more water. Eating healthy is also about proportioning your meals and not overeating. Also, do take the time to get up and walk and hit the gym a few days a week for 10 minutes. Remember some exercise is always better than no exercise!

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