TechnoVison 2016 – We Collaborate: delivering the power of connection

‘Social’ is no longer simply about new ways of collaborating with customers, it’s actually the new business as usual. As the logical companion to the technology drivers of the individualized user experience, it delivers the power of connection to the individual and if permitted, to the entire enterprise. Leveraging the potential of social will not only improve the customer experience, it will also impact the operational processes of an organization. Furthermore, many recent business model breakthroughs have been driven by social innovation: social often equals disruptive.  
The next level of collaboration has many different faces and social power should therefore be considered in the following ways:
– Enterprises must explore the different dimensions of ‘social’ in order to understand where it creates new opportunities. It’s literally a search for the new oil.

– The aspiring Digital Enterprise has to invent new ways to put knowledge in motion, and to unleash collaboration – making employees social workers that will leverage social platforms within and – a fortiori – across organizations.

– The empowered, collaborating individual will obliterate traditional notions of privacy, command and control. Enterprises need to understand how to create and manage trust in an increasingly complex Egosystem.

– Enterprises may want to consider socially-integrated business operating models, where certain traditionally internal tasks and roles are ‘outsourced to the crowd’. It may mean less work or even no work, but must not lose that crucial brand touch internally.

– Eventually, being connected reaches the Internet Of Things, with smart devices and sensors potentially becoming part of the social network. To friend a machine may lead to an unexpected, yet highly beneficial relationship.
As individual consumers, we always expect to be connected, to get answers in real-time and to be able to collaborate on our own terms. We now need to repeat the same dynamic across the wider enterprise.
The power of ‘Me’ and the power of ‘We’ are here. Will enterprises harness social power or be utterly overwhelmed by it?

Expert: Andy Heppelle 

Part of Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2016 update series. See the overview here.


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