Catherine Doran, CIO Royal Mail Group, oversees a diverse application landscape supporting a nationwide delivery system very few of us are ever exposed to, yet many of us rely on. Every year, the UK postal service delivers a staggering volume of letters and parcels under its Universal Service Obligation. 

Just how much, you ask? We recently spoke with Doran about her role in the second oldest established company in the world, and how she has built an innovative IT system to position it as a technology leader in the field and helped to transform its business. Check out the rest of the interview at our Executive Insights on Application Landscape Management.

  • Royal Mail will be celebrating its 500th anniversary in 2016.
  • 29 million addresses: The number of homes Royal Mail is required to deliver to six days a week.
  • Deliveries: 13 billion letters and 1.1 billion parcels every year.
  • Global Logistics Services, one of the Group’s three core brands, has operations in 37 countries.
  • Royal Mail employs 143,000 people in the UK, and an additional 19,000 during the holiday season!
  • She received over 33,000 applications for 240 new positions.
  • Doran inherited an application portfolio in 2011 which she has simplified by ~50% as of date
  • Percentage of women in IT workforce in the UK: 15-16 percent.