Store associates will finally be able to leverage the data that ecommerce teams have long enjoyed. 

Retailers originally operated online and stores in silos, with separate teams and technology systems. Retailers who have prolonged this approach and have been slow to break down this separation are not keeping up with their customers who expect that their preferences and loyalty will be known anytime they shop. A renewed focus on an empowered and knowledgeable store associate is required to extend the online experience to the physical store. New clienteling solutions will enable store associates to leverage customer data and predictive analytics to drive revenue by offering access to assortments beyond the four walls of the store in some segments. However, retailers will not see these benefits unless they re-envision the role of the store associate and technology around mobility, point of sale, labor and order fulfillment to support them. For example, KPIs must be adjusted to promote overall positive outcomes based on personal customer engagement and the role associates play in influencing sales, regardless of the touch point.

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Kees Jacobs is the Global Insights & Data Lead for Consumer Products & Retail at Capgemini. He can be reached at Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.