The utility company of tomorrow will be a new kind of energy company – a producer, gatherer and exchanger of information, products and services that can significantly impact the lives of consumers and the employees that serve them.
Capgemini can help your enterprise go from “U” to “ES” – transform from a legacy utility company into a new energy services company, ready to embrace the potential of your industry. Your customers expect, your communities demand, and your company deserves new and different results.
Utility Consumers today have shifting expectations. There are those that are happy with the status quo and then there are those that expect to interact with their Utility in the same way they interact with their bank and their retailers online. Consumer willingness and will to adopt more “green” and “zero carbon” ways of living extends to the source and suppliers of energy. Global, National and Local agencies have taken notice. Investors have taken notice too.
The Future Energy Services company has a flood of new technologies and business models to use. The new Energy Services company has a flood of new information to use too. At Capgemini, we see that the transition is being enabled by new platforms that allow consumers and employees to “plug and play”, and new devices and things to share information with each other and with the people that need the right information at the right time to make choices.
The Future Energy Services company is working in a world where consumers are buying their own solar generation, buying into the idea of their own home energy storage, buying electric vehicles and home automation systems. Consumers are also learning about a world of new energy choices. Helping them with those choices and becoming their most trusted energy advisors are the Energy Services companies of the future.
Energy Services companies also have the opportunity to serve businesses and communities in new ways. We are seeing global trends in the use of sensors, platforms, data and analytics to enable new business and community models for energy management. Secure remote links to remote buildings allows centrally managed teams to optimize the energy consumption and operation of portfolios of buildings like never before. Communities or consumers are joining in shared models for energy conservation and optimization.
At Capgemini, we have been working with Utilities and the Communities, Businesses and Consumers they serve for years. We have helped Utilities on the path to Energy Services. We continue to help by using the same core principles of collaboration, technology optimization and enabling the freedom to choose for the Utilities we work with.
We encourage all Utilities today to get ahead of the future with u2es Transformation from Capgemini.