Motherhood is the most beautiful and significantly life-altering event in the life of every woman

In past, motherhood led to anxiety of child growth and long list of don’t do’s. Every activity a mother did, was linked to child health which in turn added to the anxiety of a would-be mother. These apprehensions were directly proportional to the arrival of “D” date. This mandates regular visits to gynaecologist for monitoring the health of growing foetus. I am sure all mothers will agree that monitoring pregnancy is more tedious!  

Can today’s ” wearables” help in a smarter pregnancy monitoring?

Yes, it is happening in today’s era. Let us see how…

Israeli medical experts have developed a wearable mobile monitor to keep a close watch on pregnant women and their foetuses as they go about their everyday lives.This monitor has sensors woven into an elastic harness to provide data around the clock on the status of the fetus and the mother’s health in the later stages of pregnancy. A bluetooth-enabled device attached to the monitor collects and transmits data such as the mother and baby’s heart rates to a smartphone and stores it on a secure cloud-based database accessible only to expectant mothers and their physicians.

A whole lot of concern today is about harmful rays affecting babies in the womb. Until recently, there wasn’t much you could do besides stay away from devices that emit these frequencies, but this is difficult to do. You would be wondering that is there anything which can help here?

Let us check out the product called as “StimElation”. It  is a garment device worn during pregnancy that will protect a baby from harmful radiation and electromagnetic frequencies and enable parents to listen to their child’s heartbeat, hiccups, and other movement. 

Made from a mesh cloth that can be worn comfortably from conception to the 10th cm, it looks like a exercise style pants and it fits easily underneath dresses and shirts. It also acts like a health monitoring system that allows you to listen to your child in the womb. The sounds you hear from your child will help assure you that your child is developing and growing. 

The sensors in your StimElation record the health information from your child to store in a heart rate monitor which is sent to your Smartphone. With a radiation protection pocket on the garment to reduce the amount of expose to your child and speakers on the garment allow you to record voices and sounds to playback to your child in the womb

Afetr seeing these both innovations, we can confidentally say that ‘Smart” wearables lead to “Smarter” Motherhood!!!