Since 1989, July 11th has been recognized as World Population Day and provides an opportunity to discuss and address issues related to population growth.  The global population reached 7 billion in 2011. We are on track to have a population between 8 billion and 10.5 billion by the year 2050.
It will require a communal effort if our planet hopes to sustain an increasing number of people. We all have to do our part to ensure that Earth has the resources, means, and processes it needs to support our ever-growing population.
What can we do?
Our Capgemini Employee Resource Group CARES (Community Action, Responsibility, and Environmental Sustainability) focuses on minimizing the negative impacts we have on the world in which we live and work. As the population increases, so does the strain on precious existing natural resources. CARES supports the sustainability and community initiatives for Capgemini in North America. We aim to help drive these programs through employee engagement and inclusion.
In an effort to promote the sustainability of our resources, CARES is launching a Sustainability signage initiative to be implemented this fall.  CARES has partnered with Capgemini’s Facility Administrative Support Team (FAST) to ensure sign coverage in Capgemini offices throughout North America.
The signs will educate employees about sustainability and provide tips to implement sustainable practices at home and at work.
The signs will encourage people to:

  • Use reusable mugs, water bottles, utensils and food containers
  • Recycle in appropriate bins
  • Conserve water (e.g. shut off water when soaping dishes, brushing teeth, etc.)
  • Conserve energy (e.g. shut off lights/electronics when not in active use)

There are a myriad of ways we can help to alleviate some of the pressures stemming from population growth.  If each of us takes a couple of extra moments to recycle properly, use reusable items instead of disposable ones, etc. then together we will make a huge difference.
There are countless resources available to provide personal education in the conservation of water, energy, and reduction of waste
Most people in North America wash their hands an average of 6-9 times per day.  If even 30 seconds is spent on washing (not rinsing) and 2-3 gallons of water goes down the drain each minute, then 6 – 13.5 gallons of water per person per day is wasted.  Saving 6 – 13.5 gallons a day may not seem like a lot when looking at one person. However, multiplied across Capgemini’s team of 8,000+ employees in North America and that provides the potential to save thousands of gallons of water every day. This figure doesn’t include the immense amount of paper waste that goes along with the act of washing our hands. Check out this awesome TED Talk in which the speaker discusses a simple way to cut down on paper waste while washing your hands – it will change the way you dry your hands!
What if everyone throughout North America joins us in this effort?  What if everyone in the world joins us?  This one small act, turning off the water while washing hands and using less paper towels to dry, takes minimal time and effort to complete but can have an immense impact. 
We encourage you to join us as we do our part to minimize the negative impacts we have on the environment in which we live and work.
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