Every year, Capgemini Group dedicates a whole week to environmental awareness and each country adapts the week to its most burning issues. In France this year the focus was on sustainable mobility to minimize the carbon footprint caused by transportation.
As a global IT services provider, travel contributes to the bulk of our carbon footprint. During this week, from June 1 to 5, all employees in France were encouraged to play their part in this national mobilization initiative. 
Each day from Tuesday, one alternative mode of commuting to work was promoted to encourage people to discover and try them: Tuesday and Friday were for car pooling; Thursday was for biking; and on Wednesday we recommended employees to use our “greenest” taxi company, which drives hybrid vehicles, for their professional trips, and we offered to reimburse car mileage expenses for employees when they used the first full electric and open-access car sharing service in Paris for their professional trips. 
This experience was real a success because many employees were proud to show that they were willing to change their travel habits and a large number of people wanted to prove that they already have. Thanks to huge mobilization, this event lent new impetus to environmental initiatives. 
This week also reminded us that we must continue building our environmental strategy involving our employees on a regular basis because they remain the first actors of this sustainable transition; as we know, for IT services companies human capital is the most valuable asset.  
Our next challenge on the road to sustainable mobility will be to embed these new ways of traveling into our regular practices because, as Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”