Warning: this blog is openly self-serving!

Many organizations approaching Information Governance (IG) do so with the intention of managing the IG program with their own staff. You can do that, but first consider three questions:

  1. Does your staff already have the necessary expertise and experience to drive your IG program or would you benefit from getting expert advice from a leading Consultancy, even if it’s only for the kick-off phase until you’re ready to take this on by yourself?
  2. Do you have IG staff who are neutral, objective and balanced, and who would be seen by all business units, functions and countries as unbiased towards any particular system, division, territory or business function?
  3. Do you have IG staff who are comfortable to discuss IG issues with Board members in business-friendly language and at the same time sufficiently hands-on to get their fingers ‘dirty’ with deep-dives into data repositories?

Most organizations embarking on an IG program have never done this before and therefore wouldn’t have experienced staff. So if the above answers are not completely clear, you might want to consider engaging an IT/business consultancy with an IG framework, templates and accelerators to help you.

External consultants are not just experienced specialists, but – crucially in this context – independent, objective and focused. They don’t pursue a hidden agenda and don’t have any detrimental allegiances to this or that constituency.

For more information on Capgemini’s QuickStart Information Governance framework, please contact Ralf Teschner.