“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s’ greed.” Gandhi
For 2015 the theme of World Environment Day is Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care. As an IT industry we now account for around 3% of the world’s carbon footprint, significantly more than the airline industry, which as a comparison sits at around 2%.
Capgemini’s 150,000 employees are at the centre of technology and digital progression which today forms part of a global society now accounting for around 10% of the global electricity used to power our World Wide Web. Progression is great, but with it comes the responsibility to care and to ensure that we are doing things in a sustainable way. 
We only have one planet. And today on World Environment Day 2015 it is a time to reflect on the responsibility we have towards our planet. How can we as individuals ‘consume with care’? Can you make changes in your own life and think about the products you are consuming personally? Do you really need that latest gadget? Do you always do your best to recycle? 
And of course the importance of consuming with care extends into our client space. Today, and moving forward, it is important to consider our clients’ approach to technology. How can we enhance their business and their dreams whilst encouraging them to think about our planet and consume with care? The Environment Agency in the UK is a key client of Capgemini, and our focus is always on helping them to reduce their own carbon footprint and technology consumption. 
So today on World Environment Day let’s remember to dream and to think big but at the same time focus as a company on how we can care for our planet. And take some inspiration from the wise words of Ghandi to satisfy our technological needs for Capgemini across the Group with a new focus on responsible, and never excessive, technological consumption.