Enterprises looking for new ways to gain competitive advantage are moving upwards from client-server models towards a technology nexus that promises to drive business agility: Social Media, Mobility, Analytics (Big Data), Cloud Computing and Security (SMACS). Dubbed the 3rd Platform by research firm IDC, this new technology platform will build on existing IT infrastructure to yield new methods for enterprises to deliver more flexible, customer-focused products and services. IDC forecasts that by 2020, when the ICT industry reaches a value of $5 billion ($1.7 billion larger than today), at least 80% of IT industry growth will be driven by these 3rd platform technologies.
Large enterprises are under tremendous pressure to liberate resources and investments in the client-server (2nd platform) era. Moving towards this 3rd platform will fundamentally reshape the ability of enterprises to provide more nimble, agile IT capabilities and react to the business challenges being posed by a new generation of competition and market drivers.
Mobility lies at the heart of new developments, and has become a critical area of IT investment that enterprises need to focus on now if they want to compete. But organizations also realize that this requires greater attention to management and security elements if they are going to empower employees and customers with a flexible and robust mobile experience. As a result, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has become a crucial new set of capabilities that large enterprises need to embrace if they are going to drive faster business practices that address end-user needs.
Capgemini, for example, recently launched a next-generation EMM solution with VMware: “Capgemini Mobile Secure with Airwatch® by VMware®.” Announced on September 9 this year [press release] and recently heralded at VMworld and AirWatch Connect events [video], we offer a formidable managed mobility offering.
Other partnerships are springing up to help enterprises move towards the complex 3rd platform era. The EMC federation of companies–comprised of Pivotal spearheading analytics, VMware leading mobile cloud solutions and RSA delivering security requirements–is a good example of how large technology firms are leading the charge.
Indeed, we are seeing an increasing appetite among large enterprises to move the needle from a productivity-based conversation to a more impactful strategic and transformative conversation. Such developments show that organizations are looking towards the critical capabilities needed to build Business Agile Platforms that can drive and support differentiation in the marketplace. Deployments of managed mobility solutions, such as the Capgemini offering with VMware, represent a fast and robust path for IT leaders to demonstrate the new business capabilities combined with Return On Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models that their business owners demand. 
Watch out for my blogs to learn about more compelling offerings that Capgemini is building with VMware in order to support clients on their journey towards a Software Defined Enterprise model, in turn preparing them for the 3rd platform capabilities needed to thrive in this emerging marketplace.Capgemini will also be a Consulting Integration Platinum Sponsor for VMworld Europe in Barcelona, Spain starting 13, October 2014, click here to learn more. As we head into VMworld Barcelona , watch the video Live from VMworld SFO, to understand the Capgemini-VMware global strategy in play as clients embark on the journey towards the 3rd platform.