Capgemini and Håkan Petersson at Almedalen

Health and social care put a high financial pressure on society already today. The paying contributors are normal citizens that are highly concerned about the way in which the resources are being used, especially as health and social care mistakes have a huge human impact.

Introducing IT solutions has so far been successful only to a small scale and characterized by extreme precaution from the health and social care actors. It has often been the case that today’s IT solutions are implemented only locally and with a lack of overall digital strategy. It’s a huge cost driver which often gives the impression that relying on IT solutions does not pay off.

The subject was intensely discussed when Capgemini and the Public Sector – represented by Håkan Petersson took the floor during the Political and Public week in Almedalen and lifted arguments in an important discussion about Tomorrow’s health- and social care. Almedalsveckan is a one week political event which is being held every year in and around Almedalen, a park in Visby, Gotland. It’s one of the biggest open forums in the world for debate on a wide variety of social aspects.

IT solutions require an initial investment, of course. They can also speed up processes and increase efficiency, leading to financial gain on the long term. Currently IT spending stands for a marginal part of the total cost of health and social care. That can also be put on the account of unsuccessful earlier attempts of introducing IT solutions which has now led to an excessive precaution.

A faster implementation is naturally desirable as it can speed up the time to when IT solutions give substantial gains in efficiency and effectiveness. In other words, currently it is difficult to take full advantage of the implemented solutions and there is a striking need for better implementations in line with an overall strategy.

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