In a recent post, I said that I would do more to share the ‘Eureka moments’ that are making the Capgemini BPO business more powerful every year.

Hence, I wanted to share a short update on some work that my colleagues S Ramakrishnan and Shahjehan Saleem are doing to solve one of the toughest challenges in the outsourcing area: delivering successful global implementation of innovations in industrialization.

The challenge: consistent and current transformation

It’s a common story in the outsourcing world to hear suppliers talking about their ‘global processes’. It’s less common to actually see them effectively deployed.

The challenge is to transcend the differences in culture, regulation and customs, whilst overcoming the barriers in language, talent availability and change fatigue.

The solution: our GEM Academy

Clients rely on Capgemini BPO to drive continuous transformation in their business operations – which we do through our Global Enterprise Model (GEM).

What S Ramakrishnan and Shahjehan Saleem have developed is a way of bringing GEM to life for our people around the globe, ensuring that they can take the detail behind GEM and apply it to every client project. They also learn that it is a constantly evolving and improving asset, that they are not only encouraged to contribute to, but are expected to do so with enthusiasm and passion.

The GEM Academy is a special five-day training program set up to support BPO-wide implementation of our Global Enterprise Model. The first two days provide an overview of GEM, followed by three days of intense training on its application to Capgemini BPO projects.

 GEM Academy in China 

GEM Academy in Guatemala

The GEM Academy also includes short overview sessions that will be held at a ‘GEM booth’ for employees who are not a part of the formal five-day session. This provides a platform for all BPO employees to understand GEM and its levers and take the first steps toward GEM certification.

A successful roll-out

Having established the GEM Academy we’ve been very quick to turn this into a global initiative. Last year we trained more than 250 people in the India sessions. So far this year, more than 600 people in our team have participated in sessions in China, Poland, Brazil and Guatemala. We have identified the participants who will become future GEM Academy trainers across the Global Delivery Network – rewarding our people and ensuring that the Academy is sustainable as well as global.

Feedback from participants has been very positive – and helps show how GEM supports us in delivering client outcomes:

“…all these seven levers gave me inspiration on how to improve delivery service to our clients, save cost and optimize our process and human resource.”

What’s more, it’s very encouraging to see that people understand how important this can be for furthering their careers in BPO:

“This training helped me know which capabilities I should have in my current position, so I think GEM will be good for us to develop our career.”

What makes this a ‘Eureka moment’?

Transforming a business division or function used to be something that happened once every ten years – if ever. Now it’s more the norm to be transforming constantly. Without a team of people who are trained and equipped with a model for delivering successful transformation, BPO would never be able to live up to its promised business results – but without the passion, enthusiasm and contributions from all our people the effect would not be as profound. The cascade of belief and confidence is motivating for our staff and ‘rubs off’ onto our clients. It makes transformation fun and replaces the fear of failure with the joy of success. “Eureka”!

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