As I reflect on my last 2 years as a Consultant at Capgemini, I have worked with many seasoned consultants who offer “Consulting Wisdom” for a successful career. I would like to share some of the lessons I’ve learned from consultants with decades of experience in this field, known as the “Consulting Commandments”.

Consulting Commandments

  1. You only have to be 1 step ahead of the client – Always prepare for your next meeting, discussion, presentation, etc. thinking of the questions the client may pose
  2. Stay Billable – Your utilization is important for generating company revenue, bonuses, promotions, etc.
  3. Never mention the client name outside of the client site – This includes restaurants, airports, airplanes, bathrooms – yes bathrooms, don’t discuss client business in the restroom as you never know who may be in the stall next to you
  4. Never disagree with you team in front of the client – Differences of opinions that may turn into disagreements should be taken offline, during private internal team meetings
  5. Don’t go native – While Capgemini prides itself on collaboration with the client, remember you work for Capgemini and not the client
  6. Friday is a work day – Especially when on a client project, you should always be available to client on Friday, actively participating in conference calls and proactively working on work assignments
  7. Work later – You should arrive at the office BEFORE the client, and leave AFTER the client; your boss/team lead will notice your hard work as well and reward you during assignment appraisals, review of project extensions, etc.
  8. Work/Life Balance – Take vacation time as you have earned it (assuming you practice Rule #7); every three months or so you should at least take a day or two off just to refresh
  9. Get your hands dirty – As a technology consultant, the basic rule of thumb is – you will not learn the system unless you are transacting in the system; it’s okay to make mistakes, those mistakes provide more knowledge of how the system works than just the 500 page user guide online
  10. “The Squeaky Wheel gets the Grease” – Proactively seek initiatives you can assist with internally as well as on your client project; ask for training and development opportunities to build your hard/soft skills. BE PROACTIVE!