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This is a story that begins with the demand for big budget cuts. Is there a way in which doing more with less in the back office can take the pressure off frontline policing budgets?

This is typically the question that’s leading more forces, like UK police forces Cheshire and Northants, to look at options for collaborating and sharing services across organizational boundaries. We have helped them in overcoming this challenge by delivering our t-Police solution.

Cheshire Constabulary and Northamptonshire Police have worked together to develop the first police-to-police shared service centre in the UK to deal with back office support functions. Their new Multi Force Shared Service (MFSS) is built on t-Police support and they share their views on the benefits in this video: http://www.capgemini.com/resources/video/doing-more-with-less-a-success-story-featuring-cheshire-and-northamptonshire-police 

The MFSS is Cheshire and Northamptonshire’s response. It delivers accounts, purchasing, HR, and payroll back office services on a single platform across the two forces. Our t-Police solution, incorporating Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology, has replaced multiple disparate systems with a single platform incorporating pre-configured police business processes and workflows. It brings together ERP and duty management functionality in one solution and can generate significant cost savings of up to 40%.

Cost savings are just the start in the MFSS however. The platform delivers greater administrative efficiency. For example, support staff now have access to a single version of enterprise-wide data that replaces multiple data sources held by diverse teams on spreadsheets across the two forces. The previously time consuming task of reconciling all these data streams has been transformed.
If you want to learn more about t-Police, visit www.capgemini.com/t-police

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