You’re a consultant, now what?

So you’ve proven yourself to be intelligent, a quick thinker, a problem solver and an excellent communicator. You’re a consultant, now what? It is obvious how these personality traits will help you throughout your career here at Capgemini. Moving forward, what are the personality traits and skills you will acquire to foster your success? Honing in on these skills and understanding how to deal with these situations at client site will make you a valuable resource not only from a delivery excellence perspective, but also from a leadership perspective as well.

Thriving off of Ambiguity
The only constant is change. As consultants, it is our job to view ambiguity as an endless opportunity. Utilizing the “gray area” to create unique efficient solutions to new problems is how Capgemini generates assurance and continued business with our customers. We are able to read between the lines and easily identify and address what may not be readily apparent while realizing the true value of our work and cost savings to the client. This is what reminds our clients as to why they chose Capgemini in the first place and a reason I enjoy working for a company with a forward-thinking agenda for their clients.

The general definition of a consultant is one who provides professional advice or service. Although we are consulting for our clients, do not take this for granted. Clients are one of our most valuable assets for acquiring new knowledge and fostering personal growth. There are many individuals who have been in industry or even at their current company for 10, 20, or 30 plus years. It is important to respect that your client may have more area expertise than you do, and do not be afraid to tap into their knowledge base and learn as much as possible. Client and consultant relationships are a two-way street, the client learns from us and we learn from them. In addition, your successes are also your team’s successes. Although you may have attributed to a win or steered someone in the right direction that led to a success, enabling others on your team to be their best is a key trait that is beneficial for any career path. Being able to share credit and be humble about your successes will project a collaborative and positive environment for your team as well as the client.

Being Able to Self-Employ
The work opportunities that we are presented with are based upon the client’s faith in our abilities to accomplish objectives and reach the end-goal. The future of your role on a project depends on your performance. Displaying your real value to the client by identifying gaps, understanding and capitalizing on the differentiators and accelerators of your skill set, and being able to showcase your abilities to the fullest extent at the next level will enable you to self-employ yourself on the current project. Additionally, never be afraid to leverage Capgemini’s resources to help find a project if you are on the bench. Do not be apprehensive of reaching out to managers or senior management within your business unit, they are there to help get you staffed! Understand the managerial outlets available to you, and keep these contacts informed as to what type of project work you are interested in as well as what you are currently doing. Being a consistent and persistent self starter will go the extra mile in regards to getting noticed by Capgemini management, as well as the client.

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