Welcome to Capgemini! I hope you are enjoying your first months on the job, I’m sure it’s been a whirlwind so far.  As you start your career, I highly recommend you try to become involved in at least one Capgemini group outside of your client commitments.  One group that I have been actively involved in is the Campus Recruiting team at my alma mater, Georgia Tech.  In case you do not know, each school we recruit from has a designated team that handles all the recruiting emails, career fairs, information sessions, and interviews we have at the school.  This is a gro

up that requires many volunteers and is one that you can join as soon as you start.  The commitment is as much as you can handle with your client schedule, with most of the big events on Fridays or in the evenings in case you are traveling.    

I highly recommend getting involved in Campus recruiting because it is one group where you can immediately see the impact of your work.  Most times, as a Campus recruiting team member, you are the first person the student has talked to from Capgemini.  Your attitude and representation of Capgemini forms that valuable first impression for the student.  Every one of us has gone through the Capgemini campus recruiting process, and we know firsthand that one talk at a career fair or information session can make a huge impact on your opinion of a company.  As we grow our North American operations, it is extremely important that we have solid Campus recruiting teams across the nation, so we can continue to get highly qualified candidates interviewing and accepting offers at Capgemini.  The Campus new hires form the base of our organization, and that base must be rock solid.  Joining this team will give you the opportunity to assist in this effort, one that will go a long way in determining the success of Capgemini in the future.

For more details on Campus Recruiting, visit the Talent Acquisition page on the Capgemini Intranet here.

Another program I highly recommend getting involved with as soon as you start at Capgemini is the Buddy Program. We all had a buddy when we accepted our offer at Capgemini, and this person can really help you as you start your career.  When I took my offer, my buddy reached out to me immediately to answer all of my questions. He also set up a dinner with some other Capgemini consultants for me to meet so I was able to get a feel for the culture and ask any questions I didn’t want to ask the recruiting team.  This went a long way in calming my nerves as I arrived at on-boarding, as I already had a great feel for the Capgemini culture and what would be expected of me as a new-hire.  Joining this program will help you ease the transition from college to the working world, and help your buddy hit the ground running their first day.