Being a new hire to Capgemini, you most likely remember (all too well) the stressful process of campus recruiting. It probably consisted of some combination of perfecting your resume, browsing through dozens of job posts, researching companies, writing the dreaded cover letters, attending Career Fairs and networking events, filling out application after application, attending first and second and sometimes third round interviews, writing thank you emails/notes, and finally (finally!) getting a job offer. The good news is – you’re done! The even better news, you ask? Now you can go through campus recruiting all over again, but this time from the other side of the table.

One of the best and easiest ways to get involved after you join Capgemini is to volunteer for campus recruiting events. Having just been in the shoes of the students now nervously handing you their resumes, you can easily relate to them and likewise them to you. You can share your experience as a new hire with them, discussing everything from your experience with the recruiting process to your onboarding in Atlanta and India to your first project. The students tend to relax more talking to someone close in age, so they are able to feel comfortable and let their best selves shine through.

Campus recruiting is vital to the company because it brings in fresh, new talent. It is therefore a good idea to have an understanding of how this process works and have some kind of experience with it. It’s also a great way to network with more senior members in the company in an informal, fun setting. As an added bonus, being involved in campus recruiting efforts is looked on very positively when it comes time for mid and end of year performance reviews.

Just two months after I joined Capgemini I received this same advice and decided to volunteer at a career fair at  the University of Michigan, which is also my alma mater – Go Blue! I had a great time meeting and networking with other local consultants, and of course interacting with the dozens of students who stopped by our table. I also ended up assisting with first and second round interviews, so I was able to see some of the students come back again and again throughout the entire process. Little did I know that this year I would be on the University of Michigan Campus Recruiting Team acting as the Interview Day Lead.  So far it has been a genuinely rewarding experience that I look forward to continuing for several years to come.

So at this point I’m hoping I’ve convinced you to get involved with campus recruiting, and now you’re just wondering what that involvement might entail. Each fall (and sometimes winter) recruiting season, Capgemini recruits on campus for full-time positions at over twenty US universities.

Typically there is a campus recruiting team assigned to every school that is responsible for organizing all hiring efforts for that school –such as the one I’m on at U of M. Each team normally arranges participation in a career fair, one or more events hosted by Capgemini, and the first round of interviews.

If you’re interested in sitting on the other side of the table at career fairs or interviews to help Capgemini recruit its latest and greatest talent, you can send an email to the National Campus Recruiting Team at to find out how you can get involved.