Yesterday when I lived in a world with 399ppm (part per million of carbon dioxide) I had peace of mind, maybe ignorant and unaware, but definitely less stressed. Yesterday, the world was a better and cleaner place to live in. Waking up today, I felt there was something different in the air. It kind of felt more like 400ppm, certainly not any more 399ppm. I left my apartment, and run as fastest I could to work to check and verify with my colleagues if we have reached the 400ppm mark. Verified and confirmed, I today live in a different world than yesterday, a world more realistic reaching 500ppm than reducing it back to the safe and sound 399ppm. From this day on, I have decided to eat, enjoy life and travel more before the air becomes so thick I cannot even enjoy the view I am paying for.

Sarcasm aside, the problem is so big it operates with a number a single individual cannot understand or relate to. We can understand the science and arguments behind it. We can also agree on the problem being there. But do we personally feel the impact of 400ppm, or do we understand or see and feel the difference between 399ppm and 400ppm? Maybe we don`t. Because of our lack of ability to feel the changes personally, we lack the motivation to take any significant action.

How many ppm`s will it take to wake us up?