I recently presented at OpenText EIM Day in London. The topic was Powering Digital Transformation through Information and it received some interesting feedback. At the heart of the message was that Digital Transformation is not just about Consumer focussed websites or Social Media. There are Digital initiatives which can be found in many different industries and with many different solutions. Specifically I discussed the opportunities in Asset intensive organisations such as those in Travel and Transport or Oil and Gas.
Organisations who have a large number of physical assets such as production plants, transport networks or manufacturing facilities are facing a number of challenges as they look to minimise costs yet optimise the value they get from these assets. Traditionally the focus has been on knowing what assets you have, where they are and how much they cost. As these assets age and need more attention the focus is on how organisations can improve the way they service these assets. Our experience has shown that organisations face a number of challenges in this space which pose a number of questions for these organisations, including:
– Can you effectively manage ALL the information created across the Asset Lifecycle?
– Are you able to make decisions on reliably up to date information?
– Can employees and outsourced partners access and collaborate on information and documents easily?
– Do employees have all the information they need to perform maintenance tasks on assets in a timely and safe manner?
Together with OpenText we have developed solutions which can help organisations address a number of these challenges, I’ll post more detail on these solutions at a later date, but at the heart of the approach is for an organisation to assess their maturity to Asset Information Management and where they aspire to be. Understanding your maturity and plotting an approach to achieving the level which you require will provide your organisation with the information platform which will drive your Digital Transformation. Improving external collaboration or mobilsing your workforce can only be effective if it is based on providing them with the correct information.