I sincerely hope you like our new website? We’ve gone to great lengths to redesign it, not only to make it the perfect tool to connect to our clients and all of the outside world, but also as a showcase of how a website nowadays fits in an all-channel approach. You see, whatever user experience we are designing, in the era of Digital they need to be true objects of desire. After all, by now we are all spoiled, ‘consumerized’ users of technology. We have come to expect compelling, aesthetic experiences on our mobile devices as a default and now presume we’ll have the same through other media as well. If that expectation is not met, we disconnect and start to look elsewhere.

So as you will see, we have applied the principles of responsive web design to our site, making sure the user experience is optimized to whatever device is being used to get access. Having said that, we have assumed that next to higher resolution displays, touch will be an increasingly dominant way to interface with the device and if you feel that there is a strong resemblance to the live tiles of Windows 8, you might be right: we feel these are the best way to quickly access, navigate and show information.
Personally, I like the clean, minimalist lay-out of the site and we should not be surprised if more user experiences will simplify in the near future (hi Jony Ive, anything cooking?).

Next to responsive web design, the art of Design Thinking nowadays is crucial to create successful multi-channel experiences. It’s all a matter of applying an outside-in perspective, combing hard analytics about usage with a touch of creativity and good old empathy. The UK government for example, decided for their sites to fully focus on how to help citizens quickly get their business done with the government, and they designed a set of extremely basic, goal-oriented websites around that.

For capgemini.com, we felt two outside-in objectives were particularly crucial to the design: we wanted to make it much easier to get access to content (one of the main reasons to visit our site, we found) and also we felt the need to highlight the people aspect of our business, by zooming in on our social network of experts – and the ability to interact with them – rather than our portfolio of services.

So again, I hope you find our site at least a tiny bit desirable. By all means, let us know what you think!