I’m a mobile addict, I actually presented back in 2004 on Mobile Airline information on how airlines could build mobile applications at the MDM (Mobile Data Management) conference.  One thing thing that I’m not seeing is companies really leveraging the mobile channel for customer information.   Mobile devices are perfect or managing customer information, they are seen as being owned by the individual which gives an intimacy to the information that a corporate website or call-centre can’t hope to match.

If you have a strong customer authentication process then you can also use mobile channels to merge multiple products into a single customer record and generally let your customers do the sort of work that takes several people to do internally.  The mobile channel is linked to the device so has the individuals contact details so making updates can be made simpler if thought of from a mobile perspective, i.e. including the information that will be on the device. So the first thing companies should be doing is enabling customers to cleanse their data from their mobile device.

Where there are customer processes, for instance checking in to a US flight, which requires additional information then again this should be mobile provisioned and have the option for sensitive information to  reside securely on the device independent of specific transactions.  Using mobile devices as a federated cache for private information means that this information is available for processes when required but removes the need for the company to store that information within their own firewalls.

Mobile gives a new dimension to how companies enable customers to manage their information, a dimension which is more intimate with the customer and which already has information about that customer.  Mostly companies however view the mobile channel as marketing, sales and servicing and miss out the ability of mobile to improve the general information quality available on customers.

That is the reason that MDM needs to get mobile today… but there is a bigger reason to consider mobile and MDM for the future….