I just wanted to state that I used the 2.0 concept in my previous blog-item in the sense of – well – plain irony, I guess. Before you know it, you end up being flamed by a large community that simply cannot cope any longer with all the cooked up hype of IT trends. Oracle still seem to hold on to their claim of the ‘SOA 2.0’ concept. So does Gartner (with a 75% probability, that is). And although I don’t mind at all merging service-oriented architecture with event-driven architecture – which is the very essence of the SOA 2.0 idea – I can easily imagine that already more than 350 individuals signed the “SOA 2.0? No thanks” petition.

I guess I’ll sign it too. Not because I cannot bear IT marketing anymore (there are worse things to get mad at), but just to see if the initiators of this action are proven right: “many people have discussed the power of the Web to aggregate and demonstrate the power of individuals: but it would be good to see if, through this simple web page, we could pressure the protagonists into backtracking on SOA 2.0”.
As a matter of fact, I believe there’s much more potential in using the ‘Beta’ concept, rather than this 2.0 thing. Just have a look at the way Flickr and Gmail are using it in their logo to emphasise that their software is flexible, dynamic and constantly innovating. Guess I will have to claim SOA Beta right here, right now.
And to you petition guys: see it from the bright side. SUN could have easily claimed this too: We’re the Dot in SOA 2.0.