Damien Ryan

I joined Capgemini April 2004 in the Supply chain team I have worked on projects across Retail, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Logistics and transportation in the UK,  Europe and the US for clients such as Rolex, Finnish Post, Swedish Post, Royal Mail, Air France, Faurecia, General Motors, Burberry, Matalan, Brakes, HMRC etc. I would summarise my career to date as being a journey of discovery and learning across a multitude of clients in many different industries, each with a unique set of needs and challenges. There are very few companies such as Capgemini who have the ability to work with such varied clients and across such very different industries. I feel very privileged to have been given opportunities to gain such client and industry knowledge and experience.

What attracted you to Digital Architecture?

My projects have always had a large technical bias, with project delivery and man management responsibilities playing a big part too. I have always been interested in the application of digital technology to deliver client solutions, so it’s been a very natural progression into the Digital Architecture field for myself.

What is the most interesting part of your work/project?

I enjoy the challenge of getting to know and understand the client and the client needs and the development of digital/technology solutions.  Equally, I enjoy working with people and understanding the integration challenges of building microservices and delivering solutions.

Why did you join the Digital Architecture team at Capgemini Invent?

I was invited to join the Architecture team after many years of working in and around technology solutions offered to Supply chain clients. With the formation of FoT and the Architecture team, it feels like a good team to be in for my skill set.

Damien Ryan