Software Framework Solutions for SDN, NFV & EDGE

Keeping you ahead of the curve for a digital world with innovative, cost-effective and flexible next-generation frameworks in SDN, NFV & Edge computing.

SDN, NFV & Edge Computing technologies are the cornerstone of the next-generation communication industry. These technologies bring a high level of automation, intelligence, and flexibility in communication networks. These capabilities enable cost optimization, generation of new revenue streams and improved customer experience.

Our SDN, NFV & Edge Computing Frameworks and services enable network equipment manufacturers and communications service providers to leapfrog towards next-generation communication networks and fast track their product roadmaps.

What we do

SDN Controller

Capgemini Engineering SD-WAN Controller & Cloud Manager is a generic MEF Standard compliant framework, which uses standard PRESTO & LEGATO interfaces.

It can manage multiple devices for overlay networking. It is complemented by NetAnticipate, which is an Analytics Engine developed by Capgemini Engineering, using advanced AI&ML Algorithms.

Management And Network Orchestration (MANO)

The MANO platform provides lifecycle management of virtualized network functions. It hides the complexity of the underlying platforms and applications making them easy to manage.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is transforming the way networks are designed and deployed in the areas of telecommunications, data centers and enterprise networking.

Carriers or communications service providers (CSPs) are planning to replace their networking hardware with software and commodity hardware to radically lower cost, improve operational efficiencies and attain simplicity, agility and velocity.

The platform works with a vast variety of VNFs across different technology domains. It enables deployment and management of the virtualized or containerized applications, provides policy management, monitoring and assurance capabilities. It is application-aware, VNF-aware, and aware of the infrastructure capabilities.


ENSCONCE is a Platform-as-a-service solution for deploying low latency sensitive applications at the edge of the network.

Capgemini Engineering has pioneered edge computing since 2017 and is an active member and contributor to the GSMA Operator Platform initiative. Capgemini Engineering is driving the operator federation models including Operator Interconnect and aggregator architectures and is key author of the GSMA OP PRD.

Zero Touch Provisioning of Managed VPN

Capgemini Engineering provides an elegant Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) IPSEC Application for managed VPN.

It is capable of completely taking care of the complexity of the gateway router configurations, is easy to use, and provides good diagnosis in case of failures. It is a security hardened framework, already in production at Tier-1 CSPs.


Capgemini Engineering offers a comprehensive & flexible Universal CPE Framework that contains uCPE-OS, Central Orchestrator & an Enterprise Self Care Portal.

uCPE-OS is a platform which supports Virtual Machine based VNFs as well as Container based CNFs. Its unique plugin-based architecture allows it to be flexible enough to ensure quick integration of any upcoming VNF, CNF, VIM or Orchestrator.

Central Orchestrator is a generic framework for managing the orchestration and lifecycle of any VNF. It supports multiple VIM interfaces.

Enterprise Self Care Portal provides intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to service providers and the customers to select and configure the services for the Enterprise CPE.

Capgemini Engineering uCPE-OS can run on any white-box server and can support multi-VIM environments.