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Saving for growth with capgemini

Optimize your costs and rebalance your investments

Today’s challenging economic times can almost feel like we’re living in a state of “permacrisis.”

Thriving in this chaotic environment requires meticulously optimizing your investment in the right initiatives to take your business forward. These investments need to be funded from somewhere – and for most businesses, this means cost optimization – across IT and business.

“85% of CEOs are looking to increase digital technology investments in 2022 compared to the previous year, and 69% of CFOs intend to fund increased spending in digital technology through reallocation of existing capital.”

Gartner Research

In these precarious times, the future belongs to those who can successfully balance the tradeoff between cost optimization and future investment. The key to achieving this balance is turning to a capable ADM services provider.

Saving for Growth with ADMnext: A comprehensive strategy for assessing, analyzing, and activating cost savings

Capgemini’s Saving for Growth with ADMnext is a three-phase approach that fully addresses your cost-savings and transformation agenda – from strategy to execution:

  • Assessing and Defining your IT Strategy and Planning with Capgemini’s IT Cost Strategy
  • Analyzing and Detailing your IT Landscape Transformation with Capgemini’s Clear Sight IT
  • Activating and Delivering your overall IT Services with Capgemini’s ADMnext

Through Saving for Growth with ADMnext, Capgemini has already been working with clients to deliver rapid cost savings in areas like operational efficiency (15-20%) and vendor consolidation (30-40%), by applying our proprietary model.

To know more about our levers, and to discover the various ways we can help you save your IT costs, download our brochure after filling in the short form below

Success stories

Meet our experts

Clifton Menezes

Executive Vice-President – Technology Solutions and Go-To-Market.
“We see our ADMnext engagements as an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our customers by supporting them in their transformation journey as a trusted partner. Our approach is end-to-end, encompasses all layers of the stack, and is aimed at elevating customer experience and uplifting business value, while demonstrating our cost-effectiveness, transformational abilities, and agility.”

Pavan Prabhakar

Expert in Complex ADM deal solutioning
“As a part of the core team of ADM Center of Excellence, I am responsible for crafting innovative, differentiated and cutting-edge ADM solutions. I have played multiple client-facing leadership roles in the last 20 years, and I have a 3600 view of the ADM business.”

Gary James

Head of ADMnext offer – Europe
Gary James is at the forefront of development and market engagement for Capgemini’s European ADM Center of Excellence. Leveraging more than 25 years of experience in business applications, he partner’s with clients to align their application strategies and services with their dynamic market needs. Gary’s extensive background in SAP technologies and services includes global implementations and the creation of operating models to support and enhance existing multi-component SAP landscapes.

David McIntire

NA ADMnext Offer Lead and Solution Integrator
20+ year in Digital Consulting and experience in solutioning and selling new application services engagements. Support large-scale client opportunities through the development of solutions, transformation plans and presentation of our ADM capabilities.